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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Burdwan University 3 years LL.B 2012 Family law 2 question and answers

Friends , today we are going to share with you a question paper of law from University of Burdwan. We already have shared Torts and Jurisprudence question paper of Burdwan University. Today we are going to share family law 2 question paper. In future we are also going to share the share the answers with you. As this is a family law, we take no responsibility of accuracy of the answers. Please consider this as answer writing pattern but we try our best to maintain the accuracy of the content. Family law 2 will cover topics like pre age, schools, marriage(Nikaha), Dower(Mahr), succession etc. In exam pattern there exist 10 questions.  From 2014 exam pattern has been changed . Now you have to attend 4 questions of each 20 marks. Hope this information will help you. Feel free to share this with your friends. Your little share can help your friends. Question papers of Family law 2 for 2013, 2014,2015,2016 and 2017 will soon be published. Please Subscribe e-mail newsletter to stay updated with latest post.

                                        Family law II (Muslim personal law)                                                        
Year: 2012

Duration: 3 Hours                                                                              Total marks: 100

Answer any five questions among ten questions

1. “Qur’an and Sunna are the basis and foundation of Muslim Law”- Discuss [20 Marks]

2. Explain the main provisions of the Shariat Act. 1937. How it affects the textual Musim Law? [20 Marks]

3. What are the essentials of a valid marriage according to Muslim Law? What type of marriages are prohibited under Muslim Law? [20 Marks]

4. Write a note on Talaq-ul-Sunnat and Talaq-ul-biddat. Why do the Muslim jurists regard the latter as disapproved? [20 Marks]

5. Discuss the essential requisite of a valid waqf. Write a note on Private waqf. [20 Marks]

6. Discuss the general principles of inheritance, under Sunni law, with illustrations. [20 Marks]

7. Explain the term Mahr. Discuss the differences between Sunni and Shia laws relating to dower. [20 Marks]

8. Define Hiba. Discuss the differences between Hiba and Sadqa. [20 Marks]

9. Write short notes on any two of the following.

(a) Option of Puberty [10x2= 20 Marks]

(b) Talaq and Tafwid

(c) Muta marriage

(d) Musha

10. Discuss the importance of Sunni schools in the development of Muslim Law. [20 Marks]

Burdwan University 2012 Tort question paper PDF

Burdwan University 2012 Constitution 1 question paper PDF

Burdwan University 2012 Contract 1 question paper PDF

Burdwan University 2012 Family law 1 question paper PDF

{N.B: we can not guarantee any accuracy of the content posted here. You may consider this as sample question paper.}

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