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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Burdwan University 3 years LL.B 2012 Torts question and answers

Friends from this month we have started posting study materials related to legal education i.e. law. Today’s topic will cover an important topic i.e. Torts. Torts means civil wrong. Cases which may be considered as civil wrong as trespassing , defamation , negligence etc. in this article we are going to provide you some questions which is part of famous University i.e. University of Burdwan. Our intention is to provide you ten years questions but it is quiet difficult to have them . the sooner we have access to the questions we will share this with you. Today we are going to share with you just 2012 First semester torts questions. 2012 torts questions is little different from current one. Now written exam paper is of 80 marks but 2012 paper is of 100 marks. Hope this little information will help you.

Law of Torts                                                                                Year: 2012
Duration: 3 Hours                                                                     Total Marks: 100

[ Attend 3 questions from Group- A, One question from Gropu- B and Group –C ]

Group –A

1. “A tort is a species of civil injury or wrong. Although a tort is a civil injury, not all civil injuries are torts” –Discuss. [20 marks]

2. Discuss the master’s liability to third persons for torts of his servent. Differentiate between ‘servant’ and ‘Independent contractor’. [20 marks]

3. What are judicial and extra-judicial remedies for torts? State the judicial remedies available in torts. [20 marks]

4. What is negligence? What are the essentials of a suit for negligence? What are the defences to an action for negligence? [20 marks]

5. what is nuisance? Under what circumstances may an individual have a right of action in respect of a public nuisance? [20 marks]

6. What is Res ipsa loquitur? What are the conditions for the maxim? Illustrate. [20 marks]

Group –B

7. Define any five of the following: [5x4=20 Marks]

A Appropriate laboratory
B Manufaturer
C Unfair trade practice
D Consumer
E Restrictive trade practice
F Defect
G Complaint

8. (a) State the jurisdiction of the national commission.

(b) State the procedure of preferring an appeal against an order made by the state commission to the National Commission.

Group –C

9. Define any five of the following [5x4=20Marks]

(a) Conductor
(b) Certificate of registration
(c) Goods
(d) Driver
(e) Dealer
(f) Omnibus
(g) Private service vehicle
(h) Owner

10. What is the necessity for registration under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988? Discuss the provisions of temporary registration and transfer of ownership under Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. [20 marks]

Burdwan University 2012 Constitution 1 question paper PDF

Burdwan University 2012 Contract 1 question paper PDF

Burdwan University 2012 Family law 1 question paper PDF

Burdwan University 2012 Family law 2 question paper PDF

{N.B: we can not guarantee any accuracy of the content posted here. You may consider this as sample question paper.}

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