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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Burdwan University 3 years LL.B 2012 Jurisprudence question and answers

Burdwan University is one of the famous universities in India. In the year of 1971 the University started law section. In 2014 University changed the syllabus a little. Before 2014 the question paper carried 100 marks but now each paper carry 80 marks and 20 marks internal. Feel free to share this with your friends.

Full marks: 100                                      Duration: 3 Hours

Answer any five from 10 questions

1) “Jurisprudence is a study relating to law”- Discuss. (20 marks)

2) Discuss the Volksgeist theory of Savigny. (20 marks)

3) Discuss the Groundnorm theory of Kelsen along with the criticism leveled against his theory. (20 marks)

4) What do you mean by Possession? State the difference between Ownership and Possession. (8+12 marks)

5) “Rights and Duties are always correlative”- Discuss with exceptions, if any, to this theory. (20 marks)

6) Define Custom. Discuss the essential of valid custom. (20 marks)

7) Explain the different theories of punishment with special reference to reformative theory. (20 marks)

8) What do you understand by a legal person? Discuss the different kinds of legal person with illustrations. (6+14=20 marks)

9) What do you understand by property? Discuss in detail. (6+14= 20 marks)

10) Write short notes on the following: (4x5=20 marks)

 A. Pure theory of Law
 B. Law and Morals
 C. Legal Rights
 D. Codification

Burdwan University 2012 Constitution 1 question paper PDF

Burdwan University 2012 Contract 1 question paper PDF

Burdwan University 2012 Family law 1 question paper PDF

Burdwan University 2012 Family law 2 question paper PDF

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