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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Computer Communication and Networking sample important Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs)

Modern life is now a day completely dependent on telecommunication. From smart phone, smart glass and smart watch all are completely dependent on telecommunication. These are basically for the end users but to become a telecommunication engineer you need to study telecommunication and know its principles and how it actually works in real life. As you know MCQs are very important to score good marks in any subject. Here from this telecommunication tutorial you get important MCQs which are important for exam. These MCQs will cover topics like computer communication fundamentals, concept of computer networking, OSI model, Local area networks, TCP/IP Protocols, Switching, Optical Network, Introduction to network security, Advance networks. Feel free to share this tutorial with your friends. If you have any suggestions feel free to write in comment section.

(1) Which layer is responsible for process to process delivery of entire message?
Ans: Application Layer

(2) Which protocol is responsible for file transferring?
Ans: FTP Layer

(3) UDP is connection oriented true or false?
Ans: False (Connection less)

(4) What are the functions of Application Layer?
Ans: FTP, Remote Log in, Mail service

(5) What is the example of an interpreter?

(6) What is the function of checksum field?
Ans: Error detection

(7) In which random access method no collision occurs?
Ans: Token passing

(8) How many layers are there in opensource interconnection?
Ans: 7 layers

(9) Which organization has developed Open Source Interconnection?
Ans: ISO

(10) An example of data link layer is –
Ans: Frame relay

(11) Which layer operates frame relay?
Ans: Data link layer

(12) Vulnerable time for pure aloha protocol is—
Ans: Twice the propagation time

(13) What type of switching is used in network layer for internet use?
Ans: Virtual circuit switching

(14) What is the maximum data rate of cat 5 cable?
Ans: 100 Mbps in digital mode

(15) What is the raw data rate of sonnet Synchronous transport signal?
Ans: 51.84 Mbps

(16)  The addresses that changes from hop to hop are –
Ans: Physical and port address

(17) Line coding in T-ethernet (IEEE 802.3) is used
Ans: Manchester coding

(18) In which serial transmission one start bit 0 and one or more stop bit 1 at the end of each byte?
Ans: Asynchronous transmission

(19) Examples of physical layer services are –
Ans: ATM, Switch and MUX

(20) A network has IP address , it is
Ans: Class B address

(21) Which layer is responsible for data encryption is communication?
Ans: Presentation layer

(22) What are the advantages of Layering?
Ans: Data hiding and encapsulation

(23) Which of the device allows on one network communicate with device on another network?
Ans: Switch

(24) Pure aloha has a maximum efficiency of –
Ans: 18%

(25) Which layer is responsible for host to host connectivity?
Ans: Transport layer

(26) The sharing of medium and its path by two or more device is called –
Ans: Multiplexing

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