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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Electromagnetic waves and radiating systems sample important Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs)

The theory of electromagnetic waves brought revolution to advance communication in nineteenth century. Faraday’s law, Coulomb's law, Lenz’s law are the three major laws in electromagnetic. Another great scientist is Maxwell whose contribution to electromagnetic will never be forgotten. Today’s tutorial is completely based on Electromagnetic waves and radiating system. Many people find it difficulties during the exam what will be the important MCQ’s for the electromagnetic waves paper. Here in this tutorial topics will be covered such as Electromagnetic theory, transmission lines, antenna parameter and its characteristics, antenna array, aperture array and propagation of EM waves. This tutorial will definitely help the engineering students specially help the WBUT students. If you find this tutorial helpful and interesting please don’t forget to share it with others.

EM waves and radiating system important MCQs

1)      What is the unit of electromagnetic flux density?
Answer:  Columb/m2

2)      What will happen if a transmission line of length lambda/4 shorted at far end?
Answer:  It will behave like a pure inductor.

3)      How will you obtain an impedance inversion?
Answer:  Using quarter wave lines.

4)      The VSWR of a transmission line which is terminated by a pure capacitor is—
Answer:  VSWR will vary with the value of the capacitor.

5)      UHF radio waves propagate as
Answer:  Space wave.

6)      What is radiation resistance of an antenna?
Answer:  Resistance that represent the radiating power.

7)      What is the standard reference antenna for the directive gain?
Answer:  Isotropic antenna

8)      Pointing vector is used—
Answer:  to measure the rate of energy flow.

9)      Name an atmospheric layer that persists at night.
Answer:  F2 layer

10)   For a satellite communication the uplink frequency should be—
Answer:  Higher

11)   If the number of turns of a coil is increased to three times, the inductance will—
Answer: increase three times

12)   If a wave is propagated within a perfect dielectric, there will be –
Answer: no attenuation

13)   Why a dielectric is placed in an electric field?
Answer:  to increase field strength.

14)   When the magnitudes of two waves are same but the phase difference is 90 degree, it will generate
Answer:  Circularly polarized wave

15)   The electric field lines and equipotential lines cut each other—
Answer:  orthogonally

16)   What type of law is obeyed by conduction current?
Answer:  Ohm’s law

17)   Equation that represent the direction of propagation of EM waves –
Answer:  E * H

18)   The unit of electric field density is –
Answer: Volt/m

19)   What is the value of intrinsic impedance in free space?
Answer:  377 ohm.

20)   Equation that represents a distortion less line is
Answer:  RC=LG

21)   What type of propagation system is used by terrestrial TV transmission?
Answer:  Ground wave propagation.

22)   What is an antenna?
Answer:  an antenna is a transducer.

23)   What is the unit of magnetic field strength?
Answer:  Tesla

24)   What is the function of director element in Yagi Uda antenna?
Answer:  act as a capacitive element.

25)   Full form of HPBW is—

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