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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Advanced Communication System sample important Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs)

Now a day we are surrounded by advanced technological gadgets. For a simple user it is not so important to know how those advanced technology works but for a technical student this thing really matters. Here in this post I am share with you some important for college exam as well as competitive exams. Here in these MCQs topics will be covered such as optical communication, Satellite Communication and Wireless radio networks. WBUT students will get a sure benefit from these MCQs.  Hope these MCQs help you a lot. Your single like to this post will help us to grow.

  1. Light is guided within the core of a step-index fiber by

  2. Modal dispersion occurs in

  3. Fiber which is suitable for wavelength division multiplexing of signal

  4. The number of modes that can propagate along the fiber is finite as

  5. Material for an efficient LED making

  6. Optical Bandwidth is always

  7. Interface between BSC and MSC is

  8. Modulation technique used in GSM

  9. Most common modulation technique used in mobile communication

  10. Rake receiver is used by

  11. UMTS stands for

  12. BTS stands for

  13. ERLANG is used to express

  14. Frequency reuse factor of a cellular system is expressed by

  15. Range of Bluetooth transmission is

  16. Increase in cluster size will

  17. Frequency reuse is used in

  18. The base station of a cordless telephone can be connected to

  19. In GSM system, handoff decisions are

  20. Interface between BTS and BSC is

  21. Wi-fi refers to IEEE

  22. Laws that governs the movement of artificial satellites in earth orbits

  23. Sending data to satellite is termed as

  24. Most satellite activity occurs in

  25. Geostationary satellite located at an altitude of

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