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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Analog electronic circuits sample important Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs)

Analog electronic circuit brought revolution to human civilization. It became so popular in early 1900 and became fully mature after 1900. The biggest discovery in modern science is the invention of Diode and Transistor. Without this invention it is hard to imagine tech world.  This tutorial will cover multiple choice questions in Analog Electronic Circuits. The MCQs will cover topic such as Introduction to analog circuits, Diode and its operations, BJT and Amplifiers, MOSFETS and circuits, Voltage and power, Oscillators and Amplifiers, Op-Amp and its applications, Filters and tuned amplifiers and finally Shaping and waveform generation circuit. Hope this sample questions will be useful. If you find this tutorial helpful don’t forget to share this with your friends. Don’t forget to justify your answers.

Analog electronic circuit sample important MCQs

1)      Saturation region operation of BJT implies
Answer: Base-emitter and base-collector junction in forward biased

2)      Thermal runway in a biased transistor in active region is due to
Answer: Change in reverse collector saturation due to rise in temperature.

3)      Instrumental amplifier is similar to
Answer:  Differential Amplifier

4)      Regulation of an ideal regulated power supply is
 Answer: Zero

5)      Circuit that generate square waves
 Answer: Multivibrator

6)      Is it possible to use VCO as a function generator?
 Answer: Yes

7)      Difference occurs between MOSFER and JFET in
 Answer: Power rate

8)      In which environment instrumentation amplifiers are used?
 Answer: High noise environment

9)      Input impedance of a common base amplifier is
 Answer: Very low

10)   Which amplifier balances out even harmonics?
 Answer: Push-pull amplifier

11)   An ideal Op-Amp has characteristics of
 Answer: Infinite differential gain and zero common mode gain.

12)   What is the function of wien bridge in wien bridge oscillator?
 Answer: Proper tuning

13)   If a diode is damaged by high current flow, it will show
 Answer: Very low resistance in bi-directions

14)   Which diode has the property of negligible storage time?
 Answer: Schottky diode

15)   When a BJT behaves like a switch?
 Answer: During saturation to cut-off region transition.

16)   Threshold voltage is positive in which type of MOSFET?
 Answer: Enhanced mode n-MOSFET

17)   What is the maximum efficiency of a class B push-pull amplifier?
 Answer: 78.5%

18)   What is the damping factor of a second order butter-worth filter?
 Answer: 1.414

19)   Why input offset voltage occurs in Op-Amp?
 Answer: Due to mismatch in transistor parameters.

20)   What types of carriers are responsible for the flow of current in FET?
 Answer: Majority carriers

21)   The CMRR of an Op-Amp is always
 Answer: Greater than unity

22)   Which diode has the property of negative temperature coefficient?
 Answer: Zener diode

23)   Why the point of a transistor amplifier is selected in the middle of active region?
 Answer: To receive a distortion less output.

24)   Which oscillator is used in RF range?
 Answer: Hartley oscillator

25)   What will be the output waveform of a Schmitt trigger when the input signal is sawtooth?
 Answer: Pulse waveform

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