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Monday, September 8, 2014

Industrial management sample important Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs)

Industrial Management, the name says that it is a way of managing the business or industry. By learning industrial management you will be familiar with business leadership and how to handle your business properly. Industrial Management is an important topic that has to read in order to familiarize with the business. This subject is a compulsory subject for all B.E and B.Tech degree students. Learning industrial Management you will familiarize yourself with Basic concept of management, Principal function of Management, Structure of management decision making process, organization structure, communication system, managing human factors in business and industry, planning, organizing etc. Some important MCQs are given below hope this will help you a lot.

Industrial management Important MCQs

(1) Recognition of need and ends with customer satisfaction is the main aim of-
Answer: Marketing

(2) What is the main aim of Management?
Answer: Effective utilization of human and material resources.

(3) The rate of change of working hands of particular organization during a given period is known as –
Answer: Employee turnover

(4) The term MBO is known as –
Answer: Management by Objective

(5) Name the person who professed Hygienic theory of Motivation?
Answer: Herzberg

(6) Who is popularly known as “The Father of Modern Management”?
Answer: F.W Taylor

(7) In which year the Union Trade Act was passed?
Answer: 1926

(8) How many members are required for registration of trade union?
Answer: 5

(9) Productivity can be defined as a ratio of –
Answer: Output to input

(10) Financial management deals with –
Answer: Procurement and Utilization of Fund

(11) Who is the fourteen profounder of principle of management?
Answer: Henry Foyol

(12) When authority flows from the top executives to the lower level of employees, it is known as –
Answer: Functional organization

(13) What is project production?
Answer: The production which has definite beginning and definite end is known as project production.

(14) Does packing fall in Marketing Mix?
Answer: No

(15) Which method of analysis is used for determining criticality of items?
Answer: VED Analysis

(16) Mechanization of material handling increases –
Answer: Efficiency and economy in handling

(17) Is investment is a part of working capital?
Answer: No

(18) Sales of Goods refers to –
Answer: Transfer of title and place of goods

(19) Contribution is the difference between
Answer: Sales and variable cost

(20) Who is the profounder of Theory X and Theory Y?
Answer: Douglas Mc Greger

(21) Industrial Disputes Act was passed in which year?
Answer: 1977

(22) Who professed need hierarchical Theory of Motivation?
Answer: Douglas Mc Greger

(23) What will happen in productivity of if input decreases and the output remain same?
Answer: Productivity will decrees

(24) What is the main principle of Total Quality Management?

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