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Friday, June 12, 2015

Sample F.I.R letter to Police for the lost original documents (Voter ID/PAN/Passport)

Losing of original documents or ID card brings more suffering to our life than other things. We always feel worry about the miss use of such original documents but registering F.I.R can help us to free from such worry. You probably know that writing a letter is an art; if you write it effectively then you get the result very sharp. Many people think how to write a good letter for F.I.R. here I have given a sample F.I.R letter (Topic: Voter ID Loss) which will help you to write your F.I.R letter perfectly. Feel free to share any problem and suggestion. Any suggestion is always welcome. Feel free to share our post with others. Your little sharing will display caring for us.

Important points you must mention on your F.I.R letter
         (a)    Your personal details
         (b)   Place of incident
         (c)    Date and time (try to be accurate)
         (d)   Incident description

The Police Officer In Charge,
XYZ Nagar,

SUB: loss of Voter ID of Number xyzabcdef

Respected Sir,

     Today I was returning from my office to home by train. When I reached at station(mention station name / place name) ABCDEF I realized that my purse was not in my pocket. In my wallet I always carry my Voter ID card. So as a result of pick pocket I have also lost my Voter ID card. My Voter ID card number is XYZ15487. I have also attached a Xerox copy of my ID card with this application. I am now very worry about the miss use of my ID card.

     So, I request you to kindly register a F.I.R for the above mentioned incident.

                                                                                                         Yours Sincerely,
                                                                                                         Your signature
                                                                                      [YOUR NAME IN CAPITAL LETTER]
                                                                                        Your address
                                                                                        Contect number:
                                                                                        E-mail ID:
                                                                                        Date: 06.01.2015

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  1. hy yeasterday i loss my original result and sertificate,,, so how can i write F.I.R

  2. i have lost my sibsagar name prasanta Bagti

  3. I lost my SSC original TC and certificates so how can I write F.I.R


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