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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sample complaint letter to police about theft or lost mobile phone

Now a day we are so much involved with our cell phone that we can’t live without it a single day but when this gadget is lost or stolen then we had to suffer a lot to lodge a complaint and blocking the connection. In this tutorial you will get a sample complaint letter to police about the theft or lost mobile phone. Letter format is given below. Hope this will really help you.

The Police station Officer In-Charge,
XYZ Nagar,

Sub: Request for lodging complaint of my Nokia Lumia 525 IMEI No. 1626xxxxxx654321

Respected Sir,

                        I regret to inform you that my Nokia Lumia 525 cell phone bearing the above mentioned IMEI number has been stolen or pick pocketed on DD-MM-YYYY.

          I was returning from office by bus at night on DD-MM-YYYY. After getting down to the bus stop I suddenly realized that my phone is stolen. My mobile phone had a prepaid connection of BSNL and my mobile number was 6543211234. I have told this incident to BSNL customer care to disable the connection.

          So, please lodge a complaint for the afore said mobile and assist me in tracing my mobile phone at the earliest. If the lost mobile phone is found please inform me at my mobile number 1234567890.

Date: 01.01.2222                                                                           Thanking you,
                                                                                                             Mr. XYZ

XYZ Nagar,
16/g zyx lane

[N.B: Replace all the arbitrary numbers and dates with your own cell phone details and date]

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