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Thursday, December 10, 2015

SMS from unwanted unknown number sample police FIR letter

Each and everyday new problems are rising. People are now stooping towards online more. Crime is also changing its type. Day by day cyber crime is rising. Each and everyday people are suffering from this problem and it is rising rapidly. To refrain from such unwanted problems you should write a letter to Police. I have given a sample letter below. Hope this will help all the people who need it most.

The Office in Charge
UVWXYZ  Police Station
PIN- 111111

Respected Sir,
                I am here to inform you that I received a SMS from Whatsapp with a verification code in my phone. I have never tried to open Whatsapp account but I got a verification link from them. I received verification code on my mobile number: 9999 999 999 and the message contain information such as Whatsapp verification code: ABC-XYZ, Whatsapp verification link: I think someone around my locality who know my phone number, is trying to open a fake Whatsapp account with my mobile phone number and making some conspiracy to involve in some false case. I am feeling very worry about this matter.

So, I request you to lodge a F.I.R for the above mentioned reason and also requesting you to make a strong investigation about this matter.
                                                                                                          Thanking you,
                                                                                                          Tom Jackson
                                                                                                          ABC Nagar, 12/6 Lane

 If you feel this sample letter useful then don’t forget to express it in comment section. As I always say to all of you to share post without worry as your sharing will display little caring for us.

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