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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Can I submit xml and rss/atom sitemap both for a single blogspot domain?

To bring transparency as well as quick service, people are rushing towards world wide web. Most of us aware of social media and many of us uses it regularly. When we need something we search in either Google or other search engine and we visit any site from the search result. Have you ever thought how Google knows about what site contain what information. Google knows about any site with the help of sitemap. Websites and blog owners submit their sitemap on Google webmaster and google bot crawls all information.  Go through the article and you will get to know everything about it. topic: Can I submit xml and rss/atom sitemap both for a single blogspot domain?

What is sitemap?

A sitemap is a file which contains all URL of your website or blog with post update and modification information. Search engines like Google , Bing uses it to index your site post and show them on search results.

Why do I need to submit sitemap to search engine?

Hosting and search are not same but both are dependent to each other and not linked directly. First you need to create  a sitemap for your site or blog(which contain all URL of your site). Then submit sitemap to search engine. Search engines then index those links and display them on search result.

Types of sitemap:

From the previous sitemap you have learned what sitemap is.  Now from this section you know about types of sitemap. There are mainly two types of sitemap (1) RSS/atom (2) xml. Most popular type of sitemap is xml. A brief discussion about two types of sitemap have been done on the following section.

Xml sitemap:

This type of sitemap contains more URL than RSS/atom. In a single sitemap 50,000 URL can be submitted for index. Maximum xml file size permitted is 10MB. Blogger or blogspot automatically creates sitemap for your blog.

RSS/atom sitemap:

You can say that it is an old type of sitemap. Only RSS/atom supported sites can submit this type of sitemap. The main disadvantage of RSS/atom is that a single sitemap can only carry 500 URL. For more than 500 URL you need to submit another sitemap which index URL 501 to 1000.

Can I use xml and RSS/atom sitemap together for a site?

Most of us think what sitemap should I use. RSS/atom or xml and which one to use for better indexing. Google webmaster officially announced in 2014 that you can use both of them for a domain. If you are using other platform like wordpress then you must use xml sitemap.

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