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Friday, December 22, 2017

How to fill up post office cash withdrawl form SB-7 easy tutorial

India post is developing itself very fast than everyones expectations. Recently India launched India post Payment bank. All customers are now being shifted to core banking facilities. People now have the opportunity to use ATM all over India. Government of India has a plan to make India digital. India post is also encouraging people to use digital transaction. More than 60% of people still rely on physical currency. Similarly many people also use withdrawl slip to withdraw cash from post office. Some people find it difficult to fill up the form. This tutorial will help you to fill the form so that you won’t have to rely again on others.

Sample fill up withdrawl slip(SB-7)

Here in the section we are using some examples data but you have to use your own data in the following sample form. Before doing that first keep ready your pass book with you.
Sample pass book data:
Name : Samir Agarwal
Account Number: 9876543210
Account balance as on 21/12/2017: rupees 10,000/-

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Burdwan University 3 years LLB Admission form download link| Exam date| Venue| result

On 16th November 2017 University of Burdwan published 3 years LLB honers admission notice. Students who want to apply for admission have to download from official website of University of Burdwan. The admission test will be conducted on 16.12.2017. There will be 100 marks test paper. Questions will be based on general English and general knowledge.

Admission form Fees: 250/-

Important Dates:

Admission form published on:  16.11.2017

Last date to submit application: 11.12.2017

Date of Admission test: 16.12.2017 (12 noon)

Date of result publication: 15.01.2018

Date of Merit list Publication: 17.01.2018

Official admission form download link

Official website link

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Burdwan University 3 years LLB entrance exam date admission notice sample question

University of Burdwan is one of the most popular Universities in India. The University of Burdwan offers 3 years LLB course. Each year they publish 3 years LLB course admission on months between October and November.

Degree Name: LLB

Course Duration: 3 Years ( 1st 2018-2019,2nd 2019-2020, 3rd 2020-2021)

Eligible Criterion: Graduate under (10+2+3) system with at least 45% in aggregate (40% for S.C./S.T.).

Admission process: Candidates have to give written test and based on written test merit admission will take place in counseling.

Date of Publication of Admission notification: Probably in the First week of November 2017
Last Date of submitting application: Admission notice not yet published

Date of Entrance Exam: Not yet declared

Official website address:

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sample application letter to secondary |Higher secondary board for duplicate mark-sheet |certificate

Many people say that humans are born mistake doers. Sometimes mistakes happen willingly and sometimes unwillingly. No matter how good you but mistakes happens from us. Many among us find similar problems like losing important documents. Too much mental pressure and lack of alert are the main factor of such things. Friends, today I am going to share with you an important application letter which will definitely help many people in their life. I hope and pray to lord Rama that you people won’t have to face that day. The simple application is about asking to secondary or higher secondary board for a duplicate mark sheet or certificate. Here in the letter I will mention arbitrary names and numbers which you will have to change when you write your own letter. Here secondary means class 10 and higher secondary means class 12. Though you know it but still I have mentioned it here so that anyone can understand it.

Things to do at first

1. The first thing you need to do is to register a General Diary(GD) to your nearest police station.

Write an application and Xerox copy it. Police station will keep the original copy and they will stamp on Xerox copy and give you general diary number.

2. contact you school. They will guide you so that you can get back your duplicate certificate or marksheet. Board may charge you some money and you have to send draft in favor of board.

Sample letter to board for lost mark sheet | certificate

The Secretory,
XYZ board of secondary | Higher secondary Education

Sub: Application for duplicate mark sheet | Certificate

Respected Sir,

With due respect, I want to state that I Samanta Pandit, son of Prashanta Pandit, recently lost my original secondary/Higher secondary marksheet / certificate . I was a student from ABC XYZ institution. I passed my secondary examination in the year of 19YY. My roll number as well as registration number are ROLL123456 and REG654321 respectively.

    So, I request you to issue a duplicate mark-sheet /certificate. I have attached he necessary documents like General Diary, Bank draft and Xerox copy of mark-sheet/certificate with this application.

Date : DD/MM/YYYY                                                            yours faithfully
                                                                                                   Samanta Pandit,
                                                                                                   XYZ Nagar

I hope that the article will be useful to you. We are here just because of you. Your blessings will help us to grow in future. If you have any question and suggestion regarding this sample letter then feel free to write in comment section. You can also like our facebook page and subscribe our email newsletter for quick related post update in your mail freely.

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Friday, September 1, 2017

Top 10 genuine trusted Indian survey panel list part time jobs for students

We all are living in the technological world. Nowadays most of people are smart phone users and uses internet on their smart phone. To use data you need to pay price but what if you pay that price with little online part time work. Internet is full of part time work place but some are genuine and some are fake . if you spend little time on every site then you can know which website is genuine or not. Online survey is a kind of part time job which you can do in your spare time. One thing you need to remember that this kind of online job is not a get rich job. For completing a job you receive sufficient survey reward amount which will be added to your account which later you can claim when account balance reaches a certain amount. Different genuine online payments like Paypal, Paytm, freecharge are available which you can use to redeem. Gift vouchers like Flipkart, Amazon are also available. By reading this post you will learn about the genuine online survey sites which are paying to their panel members for a long period of time.

Top 10 genuine trusted Indian survey panel list part time jobs for students

Viewpoint panel:

Their tagline is very simple “Earn rewards by voicing your opinion”. Joining to the survey panel is completely free. To join this survey panel first thing you need a email(Eg: Gmail). Joining link to the view point panel is given below. After visiting the registration page complete the registration form (Always remember honesty is the best policy, if you give false information then your account may be suspended by viewpoint panel).  After completing registration you may have to verify your email id. Onece you complete this step the first important task you need to do is to complete the basic profile. Once you complete your profile, within a week you start receiving survey. Survey value can be upto $5. You may not be able to complete all survey that were sent to you as they put some demographic criterion, quota full etc. They also have fast payment reputation. Most famous payment option is Paypal. Once your account have 1$12.5 you can request for a withdrawal.

Click here to see the recent payment proof of Viewpointpanel India

Toluna India :

Toluna is an international survey panel. They welcome Indian panelist to join their survey panel. If you search on Google Toluna India you will find their survey panel. There are many ways to earn from survey panel. For completing a survey you can earn from rupees 10 to 200. Once your account have rupees 500 or 50000 points in your account then you can claim reward as Flipkart gift voucher, Paypal payment to transfer money to your bank account. Like other survey panel they also have some basic requirements like your mobile number, email id and you must be an adult to join in Toluna survey panel.

The Panel Station:

The most popular Indian and international survey panel. The panel station is paying to its panelist for more than 8 years non stop. To join in the survey panel, first you need to have a verified email address. Registration link to join in TPS is given in below link. First you need to fill up the registration form and then verify your link. Then you have to complete your basic profile. You will start receiving survey with in a week of joining. They are very strict regarding the quality of survey. So if you give false information to the panel station survey panel then they can suspend your account. They have different payment options like Paypal, freecharge, Amazon. Once you have 3000 points in your account then you can redeem from your account. Payments are not instant but you get payment within one month.

Global test market:

Global test market is also a genuine paying online survey sites . it is an Indian international online survey site. You can say it is wold’s largest online survey panel. For joining this site you need to visit their official website. Remember joining to global testmarket is completely free. Just fill up the registration form.  You will start receiving survey within few days of registration. There are many payment options like Paypal, Flipkart, Amazon etc.

Viewfruit India:

The survey panel launched almost 5 years ago in India. They also have android app. Which you can use to participate online survey. Visit their official website and complete registration form.  After registration you have to complete their basic profile to receive survey. The more complete basic profile the more you receive survey. At present they only have Paypal as payment options.

Ipanel Online:

Many ways to earn from this site. For daily visit you will earn rupee one. For sharing daily vies you start receiving reward. Visit their official website and complete registration form to join in ipanel online India. Mobile number and email id is must have requirements to join this site. Paypal is the only payment options for Indian panelist. Minimum payment amount is rupees 200. During every payment request you have to verify your mobile number by entering an OTP.

Click here to see the recent payment proof of Ipanel online India

Opinion Bureau:

One of the best trusted survey panel in India. You will get approximately 5 to 10 survey every month. Survey value range from 15 to 150 rupees. Visit their official website and click join now button and fill the form. After joining don’t forget to complete basic survey profile as based on this profile you will receive survey in your email.

Click here to see the recent payment proof of Opinionbureau


Launched in 2008. Af first it was an advertising website. And since 2017 they have complete changed their business and now they are a survey only website. Minimum payment threshold is $10. For completing a survey you may get upto $5. Payment options like Payza, Paytoo, payoneer are available.

Click here to see the recent payment proof of Clixsense


Visit their official website to join.


Starpanel is partnered with Cint survey panel. Starpanel in only for Indian people. Their minimum payment threshold is just rupees 100. You will get your reward as flipkart gift voucher.recently they have changed their name to telly pulse survey panel.

Click here to see the recent payment proof of Starpanel

Hope this article is helpful to you. If you have anything to ask, feel free to ask in comment section. You are requested not to spam in comment section. 

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Can I submit xml and rss/atom sitemap both for a single blogspot domain?

To bring transparency as well as quick service, people are rushing towards world wide web. Most of us aware of social media and many of us uses it regularly. When we need something we search in either Google or other search engine and we visit any site from the search result. Have you ever thought how Google knows about what site contain what information. Google knows about any site with the help of sitemap. Websites and blog owners submit their sitemap on Google webmaster and google bot crawls all information.  Go through the article and you will get to know everything about it. topic: Can I submit xml and rss/atom sitemap both for a single blogspot domain?

What is sitemap?

A sitemap is a file which contains all URL of your website or blog with post update and modification information. Search engines like Google , Bing uses it to index your site post and show them on search results.

Why do I need to submit sitemap to search engine?

Hosting and search are not same but both are dependent to each other and not linked directly. First you need to create  a sitemap for your site or blog(which contain all URL of your site). Then submit sitemap to search engine. Search engines then index those links and display them on search result.

Types of sitemap:

From the previous sitemap you have learned what sitemap is.  Now from this section you know about types of sitemap. There are mainly two types of sitemap (1) RSS/atom (2) xml. Most popular type of sitemap is xml. A brief discussion about two types of sitemap have been done on the following section.

Xml sitemap:

This type of sitemap contains more URL than RSS/atom. In a single sitemap 50,000 URL can be submitted for index. Maximum xml file size permitted is 10MB. Blogger or blogspot automatically creates sitemap for your blog.

RSS/atom sitemap:

You can say that it is an old type of sitemap. Only RSS/atom supported sites can submit this type of sitemap. The main disadvantage of RSS/atom is that a single sitemap can only carry 500 URL. For more than 500 URL you need to submit another sitemap which index URL 501 to 1000.

Can I use xml and RSS/atom sitemap together for a site?

Most of us think what sitemap should I use. RSS/atom or xml and which one to use for better indexing. Google webmaster officially announced in 2014 that you can use both of them for a domain. If you are using other platform like wordpress then you must use xml sitemap.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found what you actually looking for. If you still have any doubt , feel free to ask in below comment section. I will be glad to help you. You can also subscribe our 100% free email newsletter to stay updated with latest and related articles. If you liked to post then don’t forget to share it with others as your sharing will help us to grow. 

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Monday, August 14, 2017

How to download MAKAUT WBUT provisional certificate final year 2017

MAKAUT(Previously known as WBUT) has declared the semester results. Students of MAKAUT/WBUT now can see their result and download provisional certificate from MAKAUT new official website. Following steps will guide you view your result and download provisional certificate.

Steps to view and download your provisional certificate

Step 1:  Visit official website of MAKAUT. Link here

Step 2:  From your preferred semester category , click on the provisional certificate button.

Step 3:  A form will appear(as shown in the following image) , enter your roll number, select semester and click on generate button to view and download of your provisional certificate.

{N.B: Supplementary results under UG/PG has also been published in MAKAUT official website.}

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Friday, August 4, 2017

Is it possible to transfer data from one mobile network operator to other network?

There was a time when we paid for both incoming and outgoing calls. Things have changed nowadays. We now pay only for outgoing calls. Now the generation of voice only network is over and network providers are shifting to data only networks. With the help of data networks you can do both voice calls as well as access the internet. Since 2000 we have witnessed a dramatic change in mobile and its network technological development. With 2020 people will surely shift their network from 2G to 5G. 5G technology is currently under test but it is expected that it will be in working condition within 2020. People are eagerly waiting for that technology. Nowadays Indians are happy as they are getting affordable 4G i.e 2G price but 4G speed but not every Indians are getting the facility of 4G as requires 4G handset. With the launch of Jio 4G on September 2016 so many people in India whether it is village, town or metro city are enjoying the Jio 4G. Just for economical condition it is hard for people to buy two 4G handset. Jio is providing sufficient data to every customer. Some people want to transfer jio net data balance to other network operator mobile number. Many of sites are showing that it is possible to transfer net balance from Jio but the truth is that it is not possible at all.

Why it is not possible to transfer data between network operators?

The answer of your question leys within the with the question you asked. As we know network operators runs business for the profit. If someone send data to other then the person who is getting the data will never buy data in other network. Recently it is seen that data sharing with the network operator is possible. Some network operators like Airtel Postpaid has launched data sharing. It now expected from other network operators like Jio and Vodafone to launch similar plans within their network soon of in near future. Another point is that for internetwork operability it needs separate architecture. Different companies used different hardware and software.
Data network also need approval from TRAI to work on this matter.  
So after carefully studying it is quiet clear that you can not Transfer jio net to other network mobile number.

If you know the way to Transfer jio net to other mobile network operator plase write in the comment section. Many readers of this blog will be glad to see your comments in comment section. Hope you have found  your answer. Feel free to share this article you find this article helpful to you.   

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

How to use simple teleprompter app the best android teleprompter

Everyday people are nowadays trying to do something. From teenage age people are now trying to become an entrepreneur. Many online sites tasks as well as online blogging and vlogging are helping them to fulfil their dream. From the year 2017 video blogging is becoming very popular but video blogging is not too easy. It needs some special skills. Many people find very difficult to speak in front of camera very fluently. Sometimes they miss the flow the speech. Though such difficulties people are nowadays performing video blogging very efficiently. There are some people who are working very hard to make video bloggers life very easy and with the discovery of android smart phone life is becoming very easy. One best app which is making video bloggers life very easy and the app is simple teleprompter. Below we will describe what teleprompter actually is and why it is used and advantage and disadvantage of teleprompter.

What is a Teleprompter?

A teleprompter is a device which mirrors the mirrored text on a glass and behind this a camera is positioned. It is mainly used by news reader and high profile political leader during their speech.

How to use Simple Teleprompter app?

The simple Teleprompter app is very easy to use. Just write you speech script and save an play it. You need to adjust some setting to use this app efficiently. Following instruction will give you the idea to work with Teleprompter and change its setting.

Step 1: Visit Google Play store to download Teleprompter application.

Step 2: After successful installation launch the app.

Step 3: Now click on Create new document.

Step 4: You can import your text from existing text document or write your own script and save your document.

Step 5: Now click on Save and start to preview your script.

How to configure Teleprompter setting?

To use teleprompter effectively you need to change the following settings.

*As you are using Smartphone or tablet as teleprompter devise so do not check on mirror on setting.

*Adjust font size and line spacing to adjust your view.

*You can change your text scroll speed according to your text reading capabilities. Always try to keep a black background and white text.

Advantage and disadvantage of using Teleprompter

Teleprompter has an advantage that’s why people are using it. Nowadays most video bloggers are using teleprompter as this helps to deliver a continuous speech flow. It is very hard to remember the script and deliver the speech so it also helps them to deliver speech successfully.
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Saturday, July 29, 2017

How to calculate SBI monthly average balance minimum balance penalty fine

SBI(State Bank of India) now a largest bank in India after merging with 5 associate banks(State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur (SBBJ), State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH), State Bank of Mysore (SBM), State Bank of Patiala (SBP) and State Bank of Travancore (SBT)) and BMB.  SBI now has become a large bank with more than 39 crore accounts with 24000 branches and more than 50000 ATMs all over India. Recently SBI has declared to improve its facility to its customers by providing facilities which private and international banks provide.  With this SBI has also declared to charge of fees for non maintaining of account balance. Minimum account balanced will be calculated based on monthly average balance. This section will give you the technique to calculate your minimum charge fees for your SBI account. Remember that SBI will charge maximum of rupees 100(service tax will be added with this). SBI has segmented the branches based on location, for metro city branches MAB is 5000, For urban MAB 3000, for semi urban MAB 2000 and for rural MAB is 1000.

How to calculate SBI monthly average balance or minimum balance fine

SBI tweet display the MAB and fees

Before discussing about how to calculate monthly average balance first need to know about MAB of monthly average balance.

What is MAB or monthly average balance ?

It is nothing but the addition of all day’s closing balance in a month and dividing it with number of days in that month.
Basic formula is:
MAB= (Sum of all end of the day closing balance)/Number of days in a particular month
If you want to understand this clearly then follow the below example. The following example has been given for rural area SBI account holders.

MAB(Monthly average Balance calculation for the month of January 2017

EOD closing balance
































For this case MAB will be

Explanation: Day 1 EOD closing balance is 5000 and from day 2nd  to day 15th i.e is 14 days. Therefore 14*2000. From 16th to 31st EOD 1000 is maintained therefore 16*1000.
MAB= {(5000+(2000*14)+(1000*16)}/31
         = 1580.64

This MAB is appropriate for rural areas where MAB is 1000.

Similarly you can calculate for metro, urban and semi urban cities account holders.

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