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Monday, June 12, 2017

How to fix wordpress post content not showing on home page wordpress purging site cache guide

Hi friends, it's been more than 45 days I am missing you people. Due to illness, I detached myself from blogging. During these time period, I received many emails. Thanks to all of you for remembering and loving this site. One visitor named Ajit asked me a question regarding wordpress blogging. He faced a serious problem and asked me to solve that. So I decided to solve his problem today. The main problem he was facing that he was posting on wordpress but post items were not shown on a Home page of his wordpress blog. He also told me that it happened approximately 15 days ago when he updated the wordpress. I visited his website and carefully examined the problem and finally got the solution. I have used some basic tools which is available freely and which was provided by Google. Go through this article and you will know about it. From experience point of view, I am giving you some tips and guide you so that you can solve the problem by yourself.

How to fix Wordpress home page not showing published post?

I will tell you why problem but before the solution, you need to know the problem. The following two points will give both your answers.

(A) Reason for not updating post in Database and home page:

The one and only reason for this kind of problem is your installed plugin in wordpress blog. You may not believe this but this is the ultimate truth.

(B) How to solve home page content not updaing?

As I already told you that external installed plugin are creating this type of problems. You probably are using some type of caching plugin. To solve the problem either you have to uninstall the caching plugin or clear the caching. If you are not sure how to clear the caching plugin then it is better to remove the plugin and again install the caching plugin.

People also searched for:

I have searched this topic in many forum and noticed that many people are suffering the same way. Most people are saying that after a wordpress update this problem arisen to them. If you are facing problems similar to the following queries then this tutorial will be useful for you.


2. How to Fix WordPress Website Not Updating Right Away Home Page not updating

3. How to solve wordpress website home page post content not updating

4. How to purge cache in wordpress?

5. I made changes in wordpress but nothing happened in home page

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How to import more than 50Mb sql file in PhpMyAdmin

Hi, guys, I am here today with another database tutorial. A few days back someone asked me a question that how to import sql file more than 50MB size. He told me that he is migrating his hosting to godaddy and the server not letting him to import his 80mb sql file. So I decided to write a tutorial which not only helps him but others too. In this tutorial, we will learn to import a large (50+MB) sql file in phpMyAdmin database. You may already know that it is very difficult or you can say it is quite impossible to import sql file more than 50MB. There are many ways you can import large sql file into phpMyAdmin. Today I will only discuss the easiest way to do it so that anyone can do it. It requires no coding skills. Remember this tutorial is only applicable to linux run apache server as you need to run php script.

Steps to import large sql file in phpMyAdmin database

1. Download BigDump php file

2. edit the bigdump php file with text file editor(notepad of notepad++)

3. add database information and save bigdump php file

4. create a “temp” folder and upload bigdump php file and sql file in it. (you may use FTP wizard to upload your file, you can Filezilla to do it)

5. now visit url (change your-site-name with your own domain name)

6. Perform import

7. Check database in phpMyAdmin

8. Delete "temp" folder

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

last date to apply for India post GDS 2017 has been extended for Delhi Karnataka Uttrakhand North east Tamil Nadu West Bengal

Due to the technical problem in GDS website, India post has extended the last date to apply for DGS online. Previously the last date was 25.05.2017. List of circles which will get an extended date to
apply for GDS is mentioned below.

last date for acceptance of GDS applications extended for the Circles:

Delhi - 31/05/2017
Karnataka - 31/05/2017
Uttarakhand - 02/06/2017
North East - 05/06/2017
Tamil Nadu - 05/06/2017

West Bengal - 10/06/2017

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Friday, March 31, 2017

what problem with Paypal today in India

there was a time when Paypal was only available to the world but nowadays things are changing very fast. Paypal now has so many competitors globally and locally. Till now Paypal is world's largest and fast growing online e-wallet. Nowadays some e-wallet companies are giving tough challenges to Paypal. Payza and solidtrust pay are growing and becoming very popular in the very short period of time but one thing everyone must be agreed with me that Paypal provides the best security and safety of your wallet. One can use Paypal wallet blindly. Paypal also charges very little transaction fee as an exchange of currencies. Instead of having such benefits some people are claiming on the internet that Paypal is no longer a safe place for any business. I took the matter very seriously and decided to research on the internet. What I have found that the claims of those people are completely wrong. 

I already told you that Paypal take business very seriously and safety of their customer is their ultimate goal. Yes, Paypal has decided to stop business with some advertisement industries. Paypal has stopped their business with PTC and MLM industries as these are causing serious loss to Paypal's customers. So I can say Paypal has done nothing wrong with their business. I have heard that in India Paypal is following RBI guideline very strictly and willing to open a wallet cum payment bank in India. 

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How to top up recharge your mobile pay bill in India with payza ewallet

Paypal was the first digital wallet which started its journey more than 10 years ago. During that time very few people were aware of digital e-wallet. In our country after may 2014 when the new government was formed in India our honorable prime minister Sri Narendra Modi appealed to every Indian to build a digital India. Since that day digital transaction risen rapidly in India. Nowadays almost every Indian family has a bank account. Those who have Janadhan Bank account also have Rupay card which they can use to withdraw cash from ATM as well as can shop online. With this digital wallets are also becoming very popular among young generations. Mostly they are using the wallet to recharge mobile phone and sending money to their relative. In recent times after demonetization, many people used Paytm e-wallet. Today we are going to discuss a topic with Payza e-wallet.  Recently payza launched a facility which facilitates Indian users to use their Payza e-wallet balance to recharge their Mobile phone balance(Prepaid as well as postpaid) with that they can pay utility bills like GAS, electricity.

How to use Payza app to recharge Indian Mobile phone

1. To use this feature first you need to download payza app from Play Store(this facility is only available in payza app)

2. Login to your Payza app with your payza account information.

3. If you have no INR balance then you have to fill your wallet with the credit card or you can use exchange balance.

4. Now from the menu select recharge type i.e prepaid or postpaid.

5. Select your preferred mobile operator, recharge amount.

6. Confirm your order by putting transaction pin and submit to complete your order.

For utility bill payment you have to go through similar steps.

Tutorial: How to buy domain hosting with payza e-wallet in India?

[N.B- These features are only available in Payza app, payza recently upgraded their system so from 30.03.2017 their app is not working but they promised to customer that the problem will be resolved very soon.]

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Hotel raj palace in new digha a brief review

Who doesn’t want to roam around in nature? Different people have different choices. Some like seas and some like visiting holy places and some like to trek in mountains. When we go to a tourist place we try to stay there for at least 3 to 4 days. For this, we need to find hotels. We all want a good facility and fair price hotels. Tourism business over the past few years is ramp rising. Each year you will find new hotels in tourist spots. Recently a new hotel named Hotel Raj Palace is under construction on new Digha. An image is shown below. As it is under construction building so they have not started to book hotels. Based on what is seen on the image it is expected that the hotel will start its journey in 2017. So at this moment, it will not be fair to review it. We will give you a detailed review one it starts its journey.  Wishing you all a happy summer. The Summer brings lots of stress to innocent animals and birds. Do something whatever you can do to solve their distress. I request everyone who ever is reading the post to put a pot full of water out side of your gate or in the garden so that thirsty animals and birds can quench their thirst. 

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How to fill India Post cheque deposit slip sample form fill up

Government of India has taken a great step by forcing most major organization to use Cheque as payment option. Before this step most major organization like co operative bank gave loans to their customer or member in cash but now they will issue Cheque for members. This will definitely help government to collect more tax. Most people are not accustomed with this feature but as this now compulsory, people have to learn it. So this post I am giving a sample copy of filled up form. In this sample form 1 to eight numbers are given. How to fill up India post Cheque deposit form is mentioned below. Instructions have been given below in both Hindi and English. If you find any difficulties in this sample fill up procedure please mention them in comment section. If this article is helpful to you then don’t forget to share it with the needy person. Your little share can help then to do their work easily.

How to fill India Post cheque deposit form

(1) Enter your account number
(2) Enter cheque deposit date
(3) Enter you full name( Name must match with cheque and pass book)
(4) Enter cheque amount in words
(5) Enter amount in figure
(6) Enter cheque number( i.e. number mentioned with "")
(7) Checque issue date
(8) Your signature 

India Post चेक deposit फॉर्म कैसे fill up करे                     

(१) १ नंबर स्थान पे पहले अपना Account number लिखिए          
(२) २ नंबर स्थान पे किस तारीख आप Cheque deposit कर रहे हैं वो तारीख लिखिए        
(३) यहाँ आप अपना पूरा नाम लिखिए जो आपके अकाउंट पास बुक पे लिखा हैं          
(४) Cheque में लिखा गया amount spelling करके लिखिए      
(५) Cheque amount number में लिखिए                  
(६) ६ number स्थान पे चेक का नंबर लिखिए                  
(७) ७ number स्थान पे cheque isuue तारीख लिखिए                
(८) ८ number स्थान में अपना हस्ताक्षर कीजिये                 

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

How to fill boi bank cash deposit form or slip

If we want to do something we can do it no matter how tough the work is. Our present central government has showed that by providing free bank account opening to every Indian. This is not an easy task but strong determination and support from common man helped to achieve the goal. The step will definitely help the nation and the common man. When every people use bank account for daily transaction, black money can be stopped. Government will get income tax from people which will help to build the nation. There are lot more benefits of having a bank account to public and nation but the main problem now we are facing that not every people of every family is educated. Many people face difficulties while go to bank for transaction of money. As we all know that to deposit or withdraws of money one need to fill up the form of respective banks. Many people don’t know how to fill up the form to deposit money or withdraw cash from their own account. I asked many banks to arrange for a sample filled up form copy so that people know what to do and what details to put on form but sorry to say no body showed importance to my proposal so I decided to give myself a sample filled up form or slip copy to deposit money to Bank of India. I have tried my best to keep every thing accurate. If I did any mistake please mention them in comment section. Help the real needy people and make the world a better place to live. I have given instruction in two languages so that any Indian can use it. Please share it with a needy people so that he can be benefited from your share.

How to fill up the BOI deposit slip:

Click on Image to see full size image of BOI sample deposit slip

Branch name(Name of branch where you depositing money)
Account type(Savings[SB] etc)
Name(Full name of account holder)
Account number
Amount in word
Depositor Contact number
Depositor's signature 

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

aadhaar card mobile number bank ke sath link karne ke application letter

आधार हैं आम आदमी का परिचय पत्र। आधार आज सभी भारतीय नागरिक के लिए आबस्यक हैं। आज कोई भी भारतीय नागरिक बच्चे से बूढ़े इंसान कोई भी उम्र के लोग आधार बना सकता हैं। Indian सेंट्रल government ने आज सब्सिडी पानेकेलिये आधार आबस्यक हैं। Ration , स्कॉलरशिप , बैंक लोन के लिए आधार लगता हैं। ऐसा देखा गया हैं की अगर आप बैंक अकाउंट खोलना चहेते हो तो आधार और पैन कार्ड देने से ही अप्प दुरंत बैंक अकाउंट ओपन कर सकते हैं। सर्कार ने GAS में सब्सिडी पाने के लिए aadhaar mandatory किया हैं। बैंक के साथ आधार लिंक होने पे ही आप gas सब्सिडी money अपने कहते में प् सकेंगे। देश में आजकल लगभग साबिक बैंक account हैं लेकिन सभी का अकाउंट के साथ aadhaar linked नही हैं। हमारे माननीय प्रधान मंत्री श्री मोदी जी ने USSD के जरिये मोबाइल बैंकिंग भी सूरी किया हैं। अपने account  के साथ mobile number लिंक करके आप आसानी से बैंकिंग का सुबिधा उठा सकते हैं। हमारे आज का पोस्ट का टॉपिक हैं की aadhaar card bank ke sath link karne ke application लेटर कैसे लिखा जाये।

Aadhaar and mobile number linking bank application

This application letter is written in english so that everyone can use it.

The Branch Manager,
XYZ Branch,

Sub: Application to link mobile number and Aadhaar with bank account


      I Tapas Kr Patra having a savings account in XYZ branch of …………………..(Bank Name) with a/c number 98765432101. I want to link my mobile number with my SB account (to avail mobile banking and free miss call balance enquiry facility) as well as Aadhaar number.  My mobile number is 9876543210 and Aadhaar number is 9876 1234 4567 9876. I have attached xerox copy of Aadhaar card with this application.

So, Irequest you to acept my application and link my mobile and Aadhaar number with my bank account.

                                                                                                          Yours faithfully,
  Date: DD/MM/YYYY                                                                 Tapan Kr. Patra

असा करता हु के ये पोस्ट आपको काम आएगी। अगर आप कोई suggestion देना चहेते हे तो कमेंट सेक्शन में अपना सुझाव दे सकते हैं। इस letter में कुछ एग्जाम नंबर और नाम दिए गए हैं उन name  और numbers अपने पर्सन details से change करना होगा। अगर ये लेटर आपको हेल्पफुल लगे तो इसको share करना मत भूलियेगा। आपका एक शेयर हमें इनसपिरे करता हैं ताकि आगे आपको और भी सहायता कर सखे।


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Friday, March 3, 2017

Tourism ministers name of different states in India

अगर में किसी से पुछु के उसे घूमना पसंद है या नही तो १०० में से १०० लोग जबाब देंगे की उसे घूमना पसंद हैं। भारत में टूरिज्म बिज़नस GDP का ७% कंट्रीब्यूट करता हैं। केंद्र और राज्य सर्कार टूरिज्म बिज़नस को popular करनेका कौशिश कर रहा हैं। टूरिज्म न सिर्फ मनोरंजन कर सकता हैं इसके साथ टूरिज्म बोत सरे बेकार युबक का सहारा भी बनरहा हैं। हमारे देश में लगभग हर स्टेट्स में टूरिस्ट स्पॉट हैं। हमारे आज का पोस्ट का उद्देस्य हैं आपको हर स्टेट्स का tourism minister का नाम बताना। अगर आप कोई competitive एग्जाम की प्रिपरेशन ले रहे हो तो ये आपको बोहोत सहायक हो सकता हैं। मैंने देखा हैं की हर स्टेट गवर्नमेंट की एग्जाम में आजकल ये सब सवाल दिए जा रहा हैं। current awareness टॉपिक में ये सवाल आने का chance बोहोत हैं। ये अपडेट २०१७ साल का २र मार्च तक दी गयी हैं। आबि बोहोत सरे स्टेट्सmein इलेक्शन चल रहा हैं।  अगर गवर्नमेंट चेंज हुआ तो ministers चेंज होने का चांस रहता हैं।  इसी लिए हमने इलेक्शन के बाद सारे स्टेट्स का Tourism ministers का नाम अपडेट करेंगे।     

India (Bharat) ke different states ke Tourism ministers ka naam

1. West Bengal              Bratya Basu/Indranil Sen

2. Gujarat                      Shri. Ganpatsinh Vasava

3. Kerala                        Shri. Kadakampally Surendran

4. Chhattisgarh            Dayal Das Baghel

5. Punjab                       Sohal Singh Thanda

6. Haryana                   Ram Bilas Sharma

7. Bihar                         Sunil Kumar 'Pintu'

8. Tripura                     Shri Ratan Bhowmik

9. Karnataka                PRIYANKA KHARGE

10. Sikkim                    Shri C. Zangpo

11. Rajasthan               Smt Krishnendra Kaur (Deepa)

12. Goa                         Shri. Dilip Parulekar

13. Orissa                     Shri Ashok Chandra Panda

14. Telengana              Sri Azmeera Chandulal

15. Assam                    Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Ghar baithe internet se rupiya kamaneka asan aur genuine tarika

घर बैठे इन्टरनेट से रूपया कमानेका आसान और जेन्युइन तरीका
Job ki jarurat almost sabko hain. Hamera desh bharat mein janasankha approx 130 crore ho chuka hain. Janasankha report se ye pata lagta hain ki desh ke jyada tar log yuva hain. Har saal lakho students graduate hote lekin naukri sabko nehi milta hain. Din ke din naukri ke quality bhi ghatti hi ja rahi hain. Kuch example jaise sahi samay pe salary na milna, medical fecility na dena. Lekin is ke babjut bhi log naukri karte hain. Jit din bitne lage hain har kaam digital tarike se ho raha hain. Ek samay suna tha ki computer ane ki bajah se hi desh mein naukri ri ye halat ho gayi hain. Lekin ek baat par sabhi sehmat hain ki compuer ki bajah se hi kaam me teji aya hain. Compuet ki is power ko aur badha diya hain internet connection ne. internet ki bajaha se ab duriya bohot kom ha gaya hain. Aj ab kisiko email kar sakhte ho, facebook par live chat kar sakte ho. Internet ne ek aur chiz diya hain jiske liye as a sabse popular hua hain. Internet ne berojgaro ko rojgar diya hain. Ap sayad kahenge wo kayse? Yehi baat kehne ke liye hi to aj main ye post karne ja rha hu. Is post ke jariye mein apko kuch genuine tarika bataunga jisse app ghar baithe internet se asan tarika ke sath rupiya kama sakte hain. Boho sare log is tarika ko follow karke success paya hain. App bhi agar ise follow karte hain to apko success pane me koi nehi rok sakta hain. Main is post main pehle kuch asan tarika bataunga dhire dhire thoda tough job ke bare main alochana karunga. Asa karunga apko ye post accha lagega aur yaha bataya gaya tarike follow karke ap ko success mile. Agar ye post apko accha lage to ise apne dosto ke sath share karna mat bhuliyega. Har post ka realtime update pane ke liye hamare facebook page ya phir email feed subscribe kijiye.

Asan tarika 1 (Online survey job)

Internet mein jitna bhi job uplabdh hain usmese sabse asan job hain survey job. Survey job ek taraka online interview hota hain. Jaha pe different companies (like hp, samsung) apne product ke baremein logo ki ray mangta hain taki wo apni product ki populartity aur sath hi sath apne product ko aur improve kar sakhe. Online mein jitna bhi survey sites hain wo sab free to join hain. Yaha join karne ke liye apko koi paisa kharcha karne ki jarurat nahi hoti hain. Maine bohot sare sites dekha hain jo survey sites main kam dene ke liye rupiya leta hain. Main to kahunga ke inse door rehna hi accha hain. Main apko kuch Indian survey sites ka naam niche mention kar raha hu. Asa karta hu ki ap apne pehle kam mein safal ho jaye. Ek baat to mein kehna hi bhul gaya , survey sites mein join karne ke bad hi sites me jo profile survey hota hain usko complete hona abasyk hain. Survey job site yehi profile ke upar base karke apke mail mein survey send karega.

Asan tarika 2 ( Likhkar rupiya kamane ka tarika)

Ye kaam apke liye tabhi sahi hoga gab ap hindi ya phir english main mahir hain. Ajkal jyada tar log is kaam mein mahir hain. Iske liye apka khud ka ek blog hona bhi abasyk hain. Ap chahe to apka ek blog minto mein pe bana sakte hain. Blogger mein blog banana completely free hain. Ap chahe to dusra platform like wordpress bhi istemal kar sakte hain. Jo log blog mein writing ka kaam karte hain use publisher kahte hain. Blog banane ke baad ap apne site mein advertise laga sakte hain. Internet mein bohot sare ad companies hain. Jaise google adsense. Google adsense sabse popular hain. Apke site mein google adsense code lagane se pehle apko apka blog ko adsense approve pana hoga. Wo thora tough hain lekin possible hain. Agar ap internet mein search karenge ki “How to get google adsense approved” tab ap google search se koi bhi site mein jake tutorial dekh sakte hain.

Asan tarika 3 ( Youtube video se kamane ka tarika)

Ajkal sabhi ke hat mein ek samrtphone hota hain aur usme minimum 5 mega pixel camera to hota hi hain. Aur use camera se ap 720p video bhi record kar sakte hain. Ap apna record kiya hua video youtube pe upload kijiye aur youtube adsense partner program ka approve lijiye. Ek baat apko yad rakhna hoga youtube har video ko adsense approve nahi deta hain. Iske liye apko youtube terms ko follow karna hoga. Maine newspaper mein read kiya hain ki bohot sare Indian har mahine sufficient earning youtube se karta hain. Youtube mein agar ap search kare to is topic mein ap bohot sare video dekh payenge. Asa karta hu ye post apko accha laga. Mein mera dusra post mein aur bhi topic discuss karne bala hu.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

ghar baithe kaise online survey se paise kamaye easy guide

Ek samay tha jab siksha ka adhikar samaj kuch logo ka tha. Desh me sikshit logo ka sankha 1% se bhi kam tha. Tab log krishi kaj aur pashu palan ke siba kuch nahi karta tha. Shiksha ab sabka adhikar hain. Log siksha parpt karte hain taki use naukri mile. Desh aj har bacha, adult sikshit hain. Aur is ki bajaha se desh mein nnaukri ki bahot demand hain. Kisan ka sikshit beta ab naukri karna chahata hein. Aur sarkari naukri ki to ab bohot hi demand hain. Ek jamana that jab hum suna karte the ki paise se sab kuch kharida nahi ja sakta, jeevan mein paisa hi sab kuch nahi hain. Lekin bartaman samay mein paise ke siba hum kuch nahi kar sakte hain. Pine ka jal jo free hona chahiye wo bhi aj hum kharid ke pite hain. Isiliye paise ka aj sabko jarurat hain. Har ma, bahen, retired person kam karke paisa kaman chahata hain. Students bhi apne padhai ke sath sath kuch pocket money bhi earn karna chaha ta hain. Taki wo apne parents ki burden ko thoda laghu kar sake. Aj hum log internet jamane mein ji rahe hain. Hum logo me duri virtual world me zero ho gaye hain. Internet ne hame bohot kuch uphar diya hain. Jaise social networking jisse hum real time ki k sath connect ho sakte hain. Iske sath kam bhi aj kal online pe ho raha hain. Hamare pradhan mantri Sri Narendra Modi sir ne kaha hain ki hamare desh digital banega. Iska matlab ab bohot kuch jo offline me chalta tha ab wo online ho jayega. Isse kam ko bhi teji milegi. Is post me main apke sath kuch site share karna chaha ta hu jisse ap ghar baithe kaise online survey se paise kamane ka tarika aur kaha se app karsakte ho wo batayenge. As karta hu ap ko ye post acchi lagegi aur ye post apko age badhne mein madat karegi.

Online survey kya hota hain?

Kaha se ap paisa kama sakte hain ye bat batane se pahele me apko bata na chahata hu ki ye survey job kya hain. Isko ap sahi takika ke janenge tabhi app isse long tern paise kama sakte hain.
Survey job ek taraka interview hota hain. Bohot sake companies , organization jo product sell karte hain wo ye sab market research karte hain. Jaise kuch companies janna chahata hain ki uska product market mein kaise chal rahain. Aur kya kya improvement wo unki product mein la sakti hain. Kya ap bhabisya mein unka product kharidna chahate hain. Kuch is taraka sawal apse puch ja sakta hain. Agar ap imandar hain to ye kaam apko suit karega. Ye companies apko pay karta hain taki ap unko honest baat bataye.

Kaam suru karne ke liye kya chahiye?

Asa karta hu ki apne jan liya hoga ki online survey kya hota hain. Hamne pahele hi apko bataya tha ki ye ek online survey job. Isliye apko internet se jura hona abasyk hain. Is kaam ko karne k liye jo apko jarurat hain me apko ek list ke jariye apko bataunga.
1 Ek Personal computer(Desktop/Laptop)
2 Ek internet connection (wired/ wireless)
3 khudka ek e-mail ID (agar ap ne koi email id nehi khola hain to ap gmail me free e-mail account khol sakte hain)
4 basic computing , sath mein web browsing ana chahiye

Genuine Indian Survey sites list

Asa karta hu ki survey job kya hota hain aur ise karne ke liye kya requirements abasyk hain ap jan chuke hain. Mujhe lagta hain ki ap un sab sites ka naam janne ke liye bohot excited hain. Chaliye aur der na karke main apko wo saari sites ka list ek ek karke de deta hu.
Toluna India:
Toluna India mein ap mobile aur desktop mein kama sakte hain. Har survey complete karne se ap 10 se 50 rupiya tak kama sakte hain. Ye site flipkart, paypal ke madhyam se payment karta hain.
Ipanel online India:
Ye bhi ek popular site hain. Yaha kam karne se ap mahine mein 6 se 10 survey pa sakte hain aur har survey complete karne se ap 30 te 90 rupia tak earn kar sakte hain. Yaha pe payment sirf apko Paypal ke madhyam se hi milega. Payment lene ke liye har bar mobile no pe otp ayega. OTP verify karne ke bad hi app reward withdraw kar payenge. Payment withdraw request karne ke 1 week ke andar payment apke Paypal account mein transfer ho jayega.
Telly pulse India:
Ye site bhi boho accha hain. Pahele telly pulse survey panel star panel ke naam se jana jata tha. 2016 saal ke ant mein Star panel ne apna naam change karke Telly pulse rakha hain. Yaha ka jyada tar survey star network ka hota hain. Minimum reward withdraw amount hain 100 rupiya. Ap 100 ya 500 rupiya ka flipkart reward claim kar sakte hain. Reward request karne ke 1 week ke andar apko gift voucher apke e-mail me a jayega.
Globaltestmarket India:
Ye survey site duniya ka number one survey site hain. Ye site apko har survey complete karne se 30 te 180 rupiya tak deta hain. Jyada log hone ke bajaha se survey success rate ab thoda kam hain. Yaha se ap reward tabhi utha sakte hain jab apka reward 1000 paoin cross karega. Ap chahe to apna reward donate bhi kar sakte ho. Paypal, check , flipkart ke madhyam se app reward claim kar sakte ho.
The Panel Station(TPS):
TPS. Full form is The Panel Station. Ye survey site India ka sabse popular site hain. Recently TPS ne apna android aut ios app bhi launch kiya hain. Jisse ap ab pc ke sath sath mobile pe bhi survey complete kar sakte ho. 300 poins hone ke bad hi ap reward claim kar sakte ho. Zipcash,Freecharge,Flipkart, Paypal se ap apna reward claim kar sakte ho.
India speaks:
Opinion world:

Survey earning kaise increase kare?

Join multiple survey sites
Comple survey profile in every 3 months
Check your email daily

 Agar survey job karna chahete hain to kuch baat apko dhyan mein rakhna chahiye.

1. Ap har survey complete nehi kar sakte hain. Kuch survey mein apko screened out kar diya jayega. Aur screened out survey mein apko reward nehi diya jayega.

2. Honesty is the best policy. Survey job mein apka hamesha honest opinion dene ka koshish karna chahiye. Fake opinion dene se apka account closed ho sakta hain. 

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Best short weekend trip holiday destination in West Bengal

City lifestyle making people a machine. Everyday people wake up in the morning take breakfast. Ready for office and after work comes to home and take dinner. We a Sunday every week but this is not enough for us. Only natures can relief from this pain. Bengali people are always thirsty for excursion.  You will be astonished to know that in Orissa almost 70 percent tourists are from West Bengal. Most people do not prefer to take long travel frequently. So they prefer short trip. This saves their job and money too. Here in this post I have mentioned some of popular short week end trip holiday destination which will definitely refresh your mind and body.

1 Digha:

Bengali’s all time favourite week end short trip holiday destination. Most people ask why Digha is all time favourite to bengali people. (1) Bengali people love water (2) They feel pride that its inn their state (3) 2-3 day trip is enough to refresh anyone (4) puts very small burden on pocket.
Kolkata to Digha journey approx cost:
Train journey cost: Rs 100/person
Bus Journey cost: Rs 140/person

Nearest visiting places in Digha:

1 Digha sea beach
2 Marine aquariums
3 Amarabati park
4 Udaypur sea beach
5 Sankarpur mohana
6 Chandaneswar Shiv Temple

2 Darjeeling

It will be hard to find a single person who does not like to visit mountain. Especially the young people who loves trekking is a must go destination. If you are really looking for short weekend trip holiday destination then this is a must go destination for you.

Nearest visiting places in Darjeeling:

1 Toy train
2 Neora National Park
3 Tiger hill
4 Tea garden
5 Kanchenjunga
6 Sandakphu
7 Peace Pagoda
8 Everest museum

3 Bakura

Bankura a populary known as “Lal matir desh”. The district is situates at most western part of state West Bengal. Bankura distric is a historic place. It is full of cultural heritage. The Malla kingdom ruled in seventeenth century. It is now a aventurous destination for young people as here you can enjoy hiking and treking. Here are some popular places which will definitely bring smile on your face.

Nearest visiting places in Bankura:

1 Susunia Hill
2 Mukutmonipur Dam
3 Biharinath Hill
4 Krishna-Balaram temple
5 Howrah to Bankura distance: 232 Km
6 Train ticket fare: ~Rs 50/-

4 Siliguri

Siliguri district situated in northern part of West Bengal. It is mostly famous for it’s natural view. From siliguri Mount Kanchanjangha is clearly visible. In summer seson average temparature is approximately 25 degree celcius. Thick forest in foot hils is also a graet quality of Siliguri. Siliguri is also short weekend trip holiday destination which Bengali people enjoy. Tea garden is another famous spot to visit. I mentioned some places which you can visit.

Nearest visiting places in Siliguri:

1 Jaldatpara wildlife sanctuary
2 Iskon Temple
3 Savin Kingdom
4 Kalimandin
5 Chilapata Forest
6 Kanchenjunga stadium
7 Bengal safari
8 Sulugara monastery
9 Sevoke Bridge
10 Mahananda wildlife sanctuary

5 Murshidabad

Do you know the capital of Bengal during Mughal dynasty? It is not Calcutta. It was Murshidabad. The place was named by Murshid Quli Khan. The place is full of history. Murshidabad is mainly famous for Hazarduari but other famous spots are also there which are listed below. This is a very good place for short tour. Distance from kolkata is approx 200 kilometers.

Nearest visiting places in Murshidabad:

1 Hazarduari Palace
2 Nizamat Imambara
3 Katra Maszid
4 Kathgola Bagan Bari
5 Motijheel Park
6 Tripolia Gate
7 Nashipur Rajbari
8 Train fare from sealdah: ~Rs 45/-
9 Train from Sealdah: Lalgola passenger, Hazarduari express

5 Birbhum:

Birbhum is known as “the land of red soid (Lal matir desh)”.Many history is lying with this land. As most of the people depend on agriculture for living, the place is almost every season greenary.Every year many visitors come to Birbhum to be a part of famous Poush Mela. The land of red soil is also popular for one thing that is very famous internationally. You probably guessed right. It is non other than famous Santiniketan. The great Poet guru Rabindranath Tagore founded Santiniketan. Other famous places to visit are given below.

Nearest visiting places in Birbhum:

1 R.N Tagor’s Santiniketan
2 Nandikeswari Mandir
3 Dubrajpur
4 Ballavpur wildlife sanctuary

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Best camera app to map gps location on image GPS Map Camera

Once upon a time a time a famous person mentions that one day people will forget to eat but won’t forget to carry their smart phone. I am joking. This avove statement is funny but it is true nowadays. We all now know Android is the most popular OS among smart phone OS. The most important reasong become Android OS famous is that Google play platform and second one is cheap smartphone. Google play is now the larget store for app. Many apps are available which will make will life easier. Like an app which captures your GPS location, location address, weather and save images with this details. This app is definitely a gift for those who are geologist and photographer.

Where'd You Take That Photo?

Around year 2000 almost every middle class family carry one analog camera during their holiday trip. Nowadays analo camera is almost obselete. The reason is obvious the invension of digital camera and small storage chip i.e. micro SD card. Now we take 2-3 images everyday on average. Places are nowadays becoming so similar that most of time either we forget or we misjudge whre the photo was taken actually. Now almost every smart phone is equipped with 5 to 8 mp camera. Now just download an app and free from above problems. Name of the android app is GPS Map camera.
The app is definitely a best GPS Trackers for Photographers / Geotagging.
Many people ask that “How to See the Exact Location Where a Photo was Taken?”. Before digital technology it was not possible but GPS features allow you to find exact location of taken image.
In this app you can manually manage location data in the pictures you take. It is the easiest way to add GPS lat/long to photos.

How to See Exactly Where a Photo Was Taken?

The app is very simple to use. Just open the app and take picture. It will automatically shows you the map of image taken, location latitude and longitude, address and weather.
How do you find the GPS coordinates of your photos?
The process is very simple. Just open the app and it will automatically display the coordinates on the image. If you havent changed the setting then you won’t have to worry about.
If you want to make interactive maps to track your trip the app is best. The developer is from Japan and the app is copletely free to download. Internet connection is must to use this app.
How to remove location data from your photos?
Whenn you take image from this app it will save two images one is image with map, gps location, weather and other one just the image.
How to Determine Where a Picture was Taken.
Best camera app to map gps location on image GPS Map Camera

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

West Bengal primary board third list non trained Bengali result 2017

West Bengal primary recruitment board declared third list of empanelled and non empanelled candidates. Third list is declard on 9th February 2017. Candidates who are empanelled will get a SMS in their phone and will receive detailed information about venue and other details in their registered e-mail ID. If you are a candidate of West Bengal primary teacher recruitment then you can check your result from the following link.

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Valuedopinions India survey panel payment proof and review 2017

You may have or not remembered the days of 1900 when any type of communication was very difficult. Then telephone changed our life. People can now call directly to people and the best thing is it in real-time communication. Today’s communication now turned into digital communication. People now use skype, google hangout, Facebook video chat to communicate with people and it is all done with the help of World Wide Web(WWW). Now world wide web has reached beyond just for communication. Now after demonetization in India, digital transaction has increased. People are doing jobs online. Internet really helped the unemployed people to find work. Many people like house wives, retired persons and college studying students always looks for some part time jobs. One job is perfect for them is Online survey filling job. Anyone having knowledge in basic computing a computer with internet connection and above age 16 can participate in online survey panel. Online survey is nothing but a short interviews in question and answer order. After successful panel registration you need to complete your basic profile information as based on this profile the survey will be sent to you. One thing that you must remember that you will not qualify for every survey that you are invited. Sometimes you will be screen out of survey outmatching their qualification criterion and reaching their required number of participants. Here I am going to share with you a survey panel payment proof and review about it. The name of the survey panel is valuedopinions India. The payment proof which is shown here is submitted by Mr Avik Biswas. He received rs 400 amazon gift voucher. He told me that he used to redeem flipcart vouche but this time the flipkart voucher was unavailable in reward section. He told me that it took around 3 months to reach to the 400 payout threshold but I have also heard from people that they are receiving vouchers every month (receiving and qualifying for more surveys). The best thing about Valuedopinions that you get vouches instantly on your email id when your account reaches a 400 threshold and you ask for reward.

Valuedopinions payment proof 2017

Screenshot of payment proof of valuedopinions India is given below. Hope you got the review you are looking for. Thanks for reading the post. Wishing you all a very happy new year 2017. Hope all your wish comes true this year. If you enjoyed this tutorial don’t forget to like share with others. Subscribe our email newsletter and get our latest post directly to your email id. 

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