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Friday, July 31, 2015

Low cost PH testing devices for Indian pond water

PH level in water is very important for animals living in water. Misbalancing of PH level can cause serious problem to the living animals in water. If your pond water is not in balanced PH then it is not suitable for fish culture. A PH level mainly lies between 1 to 14. 0 to 7 indicates acidic nature in water and 7 to 14 ranges indicates alkaline water nature. From 0 to 7 the acidic nature of water decreases and 7 is considered as neutral. From 14 to 7 the alkaline PH level decreases. To balance PH level in your pond you need to take little care. There are several steps from which you can easy test PH level of your pond water.

Low cost Litmus paper test:

Litmus test is low cost and very effective for PH testing in pond water. Litmus paper is nothing but a paper strip with some chemical solution is given to it. There are two types of litmus paper available. Red litmus paper and blue litmus paper. To check the PH of pond water first get some water from your pond and a container. Then take two litmus strips one red litmus and other blue litmus. Put the strips in the container which contain pond water for testing. Based on the nature of the water the litmus papers change its color. Then take the two strips and compare them with color wheel PH chart. This is the easiest way to check PH level of water.

Low cost electronic pocket PH tester:

We are living in a digital world so there must exist an instrument which can measure PH level of water electronically and it exists. It is a small hand held as well as pocket fit instrument which can measure water PH very accurately. When you put the probe in pond water then the device will show reading in LCD display. But there exist a problem, you have no option to know whether the device is working perfectly or not for that you need to test a water of known PH with the device.
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How to check your Bank of India account balance with a miss call for free

DAD: Son, your elder brother has send money for your mother’s illness treatment.
SON: Dad I am studying now. I will go tomorrow.
DAD: But son this is very important.
SON: I will go later.

You probably shocked what I am writing today this kind of thing. I am trying to give you a scenario what happening nowadays. The above drama is happening everyday with almost every family but not the exact tale but happening the same result. The reason for such behavior is obvious the boring job standing in queue for pass book update. To overcome such problems and providing quality service to the customer the Bank of India has stated a miss call balance enquiry service. The best thing about it that the service is completely free of cost.

How to check balance with miss call?

The first thing is that your mobile number should be registered with your Bank account number. If you have not registered then visit to your brunch and register your mobile number.

Give a miss call to number 09015135135

After a short period of time you will receive a SMS with your account balance details.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

How to check SBI bank account balance with quick SMS and missed call banking

State Bank of India which is one of the largest Banks in India has launched Quick SMS and missed call banking service. It is good to see that with the improvement of technology Indian banks are now improving customer service. 
In SBI quick SMS and missed call banking you can get account enquires like Balance check, mini statement car and home loan enquiry and blocking of ATM card. To avail this facility you should have registered your mobile number in your bank account. Account holders with account types SB/CA/Overdraft/Cash-credit can avail such banking facilities from SBI.

How to register for SBI quick SMS and miss call service?

In order to avail SMS and miss call facility first your mobile number has to be registered in Bank records. If you do not have registered still don’t worry. Just follow the simple steps to register your mobile number.
SMS, ‘REG(space)account number' to 09223488888
E.g. REG 426710110009876

If the registration process is successful then you will receive a confirmation message. After successful registration you can avail the following facility like.

► Your account Balance Enquiry
► Mini Statement for your saving account
► Blocking of ATM Card
► Car and Home Loan Enquiry

How to check your account available balance?

Assumed that you have successfully registered for SBI quick service. Now from the registered number give a missed call to 09223766666 or SMS ‘BAL' to 09223766666. Giving a missed call for a single ring will cost you nothing but for voice listening you will be charged. SMS service will cost you around Rs 1.20. So it is best to give miss call to check balance.

How to get mini statement from SBI quick?

In mini statement you will get up to 5 last transaction details. To get mini statement you have to give a Missed Call or send an SMS ‘MSTMT' to 09223866666.

How to use SBI quick app to check a/c balance

Download SBI Quick mobile app from Google play store and install it on your smart phone. Note that you need not any data connection for using the app. The app will use carrier service like SMS and call function.

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

How to buy a used secondhand laptop desktop computer and what to look carefully before buy

Technology is developing very fast and to cope up with the latest technology tech savvy are buying new technology almost every year. This trends filling up their home with full of gadgets. But not every get the chance to buy new technology every time so they buy second hand gadgets like PC, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone. As the demand of second hand products are rising so as increasing the number of online classified sites. In India there are so many classifieds sites like OLX, QUIKR etc. The objective of this tutorial is to give you an idea how to buy a secondhand PC Laptop from online classified.

Before buying from classified check whether the seller is verified or not. There are less chances of getting cheated from verified users. When you are buying a tech product it is recommended to check the technical specification rather than the talk of the seller.

Things you need to check before you buy a Secondhand PC

► Processor Speed:

As you know processor is the most important part of every computing system. Your computer without a good processor is just like a calculator. Always buy a processor with multi core and higher processing speed like1.6- 2.3 GHz.

► Hard disc drive (HDD) capacity:

Capacity of HDD is very important as in your HDD OS will be installed and to store your documents on it. Make sure that that the PC you are going to buy have at least 80 GB of HDD capacity.

► Random Access Memory (RAM) capacity:

RAM is the primary memory of your PC without it your PC won’t start. Check the number of RAM slot available. Type of RAM i.e. it is DDR/DDR2/DDR3. Also check maximum RAM capacity in each RAM slot.

► Motherboard:

Motherboard holds the circuit as well as the major components of PC like Processor, RAM, Graphics card, PIC card, audio and video graphics processor. Intel, ASUS, AMD, Gigabytes are those whom you can trust.

► USB/Flash drive port:

USB flash drives are very important nowadays. If you do not have DVD write on your PC it won’t create much problem but not having a USB post will suffer you more. You need at least 2 working condition USB port.

► Monitor size and resolution:

Without it you won’t be able to work on your PC. Choose a monitor with higher resolution.

► Peripheral device:

Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Scanner are considered as peripheral device. Your PC must come with Keyboard and mouse. Check whether they are in working condition or not.

► Audio and Mic port:

Audio and mic port are very important without it you won’t hear a sound from your PC.

► Disc Drive:

Every PC should come with a Disc Drive. Disc drive helps you to install OS in your system and play audio or video from CD/DVD disc. You can also burn your documents on CD or DVD. Make sure the DVD writer has at least 12x writing speed.

► Operating system:

In order to run a PC you need an Operating System (OS). Some PC just comes up with free DOS. You can install Windows, Linux in your PC. Check whether PC comes with installed OS or not.

If you find a second hand PC with the basic things (Processor, Motherboard, monitor, Ram) in perfect working condition then buy it as you will be able to change the peripheral devices later. If you are looking for a PC to work on your home it is better to buy a PC rather than laptop as it saves some money for you and give your gadget longevity. Finally from my personal experience I suggest you to bargain as much as possible as it saves your hard earning money. You can also buy a coke and pizza with your savings from bargain.

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List of fair price medicine shop address in Government hospital West Bengal with discount rates

As the name suggest that the price is fair so that a common man can afford the price of medicine. The government of West Bengal has started fair price medicine shop with PPP model for the benefit of the state’s people. These fair price shops are giving discount up to 77% on medicines. Till that date around 32 shops have been made in these days. The fair price medicine shops are gaining popularity now a day. Official list of the 31 fair price shops are given below. One new fair price shop also listed below.

West Bengal fair price shop list with highest discount order

Don’t forget to check out the official notification. Feel free to share this information so that others near you can benefit from this information.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

How to download Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana Insurance certificate online and claim form (PMSBY)

Our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi mentioned in 2015-2016 budgets that the government is planning for a insurance and pension scheme for the people of India. Many people of our country specially the underprivileged people and people working in unorganized organization are without any insurance. India is a country of young people and when these young ages they are going to be pension less so a pension scheme has been launched. The pension and insurance policy has made especially for the poor people.  

To help the poor and needy people our PM Sri Narendra Modi has approved Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna(PMSBY), Atal Pension Yojna(APY), and Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana(PMJJBY).

In  Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna(PMSBY) insurance policy holder can receive up to 2 Lakh rupees for death and irrecoverable loss. The policy scheme will be for one year and will be renewed every year. Any person willing to take the advantage of the insurance policy must be between ages 18 to 70 years.

What are the benefits of Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna(PMSBY)?

According to the official notification of approved Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna (PMSBY) a policy holder will receive the following benefits.
For the death of the policy holder between ages 18 to 70 a assured sum of rs 2 lakh will given by the insurance company.
Complete loss of both eyes or loss of both the hands or loss of one eye and loss of hand or foot a assured sum of Rs 2 lakh will be given by the insurance company to the policy holder.
Total and irrecoverable loss of eyesight of one eye or loss of one hand or foot a assured sum of Rs 1 lakh will be given to the policy holder.

Cost of premium for Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna(PMSBY)

According to the official notification each and every family member can join in Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna(PMSBY). Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna(PMSBY) is specially made for the people working in unorganized sector and for the poor people. Keeping in mind the above situation the Government has decided to keep the insurance price as low as possible.

Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna(PMSBY) policy price is Rs. 12/Year.

The policy premium will be auto deducted each year from the policy holder’s savings account.

How to become eligible for Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna(PMSBY)?

Government of India made it simple so that every common countryman can take the benefit of the policy. To be able to join in Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna(PMSBY) you must fulfill the following requirements.
You must have a running saving account (Please do not apply with a dormant account)
Your age should be between 18 to 70 years
You agree the terms and give permission to the respective bank to auto debit Rs 12 each year from your saving account.

How to download Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna(PMSBY) insurance certificate online?

New India Insurance has made a great step to give the chance to the common man to get their certificate online without any hazard. When your insurance policy is started he insurance company will send you a SMS with the insurance policy number. You can also get a printable version of the policy online. To download printable versions of your policy follow the simple steps.

(1) First visit to

(2) Enter the name your saving bank which you gave during the application fillup of Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna(PMSBY)

(3) After that either put Saving bank account number of put Insurance policy number(Only if you have received through SMS).

(4) Now enter any one of the details Date of birth/Customer ID/Your registered mobile number during policy application.

(5) Click on the search button to get your insurance certificate online in PDF format.

Some doubt that may come in your mind:

► I am trying to download the policy but it is not getting downloaded from Chrome browser; what can I do?

This is not a serious problem it is happening as your chrome is blocking a popup window. When you click on the search button a popup window will be blocked by the chrome. You can see it at the address bar of your page. Click on the highlighted area shown in below image and allow the blocked popup window and click search button again. Now you can download your policy without any problem with Google chrome.

► We have a joint account; can we use the same account for PMSBY?

Yes. Joint account holders can use the same account for the Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna(PMSBY).

For any further information about Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana click here

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How to write an application letter to the bank branch manager to buy books/computer in education loan scheme

The government of India has announced to all banks to give education loan so that no talented students get behind for money. Students from branches B.E and B.Tech are taking loans for education. From the education loan students can buy computers, books for each semester and pay college fees. Today letter is all about writing an application letter to the bank branch manager for buying books. Sample letter is given below so that students who had taken education loan can be benefited.

The Manager,
Bank of India,

     I am a student of B. Tech E.C.E. 2nd year of XYZ Institute of Technology. I have the necessity to buy some books for the third semester.

So, I am requesting you to grant me the sum of rupees 2500/- for buying those books. My loan account no. is: XXXXYYYYZZZZ321. Name of those books is given below:

(i) Mathematics,
(ii)  Data structure,
(iii) Circuit theory,
(iv)  Solid state device & circuit,
(v) Numerical Methods & program,
(vi) Electrical & electronic measurement.

                                                                                                         Yours faithfully,
   Date:                                                                                              Barun Samanta

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

How to use Indian railways UTS mobile ticketing application to buy local train ticket

Nowadays technology is developing very fast and with that the life of our people are becoming very simple and flexible. Indian railway is also changing them with the changing of modern technology. More than 50% people of our country use Indian railway as a transportation. The most suffering thing for this people is to wait in queue for ticket. So Indian railway made a simple solution to it. Indian railway now launches local train ticket booking through online and android app. At present this facility has been launched in Mumbai and Chennai. This UTS facility is available in 108 stations in Mumbai and 31 stations in Chennai.

The steps to register and Recharge and Buy ticketing process are given below. For more detailed information please visit official website of UTS.

How to register in UTS mobile Ticketing?

Mobile is mandatory in UTS. Follow these simple steps to register yourself in UTS.
(1) Enter your name and Mobile number in adequate box
(2) Enter captcha shown in the image
(3) Click on the button “Generate OTP”.
(4) You will receive a 4 digit OTP in your mobile which will be required for login.

How to recharge UTS R-Wallet?

After a successful registration you will get a R-Wallet with Zero balance. At the moment R-Wallet recharge is only possible through UTS recharge counter. As the system get aged online recharging will also be possible in near future.

How to but local train ticket with UTS?

 UTS has also developed an application from which you can buy ticket. Once the app is installed in your smart phone you have to login with your register mobile number and OTP which you received during registration. Make sure that your R-Wallet has sufficient balance then choose your journey start and journey end station name, choose number of passenger and type. Once ticket has been booked you will receive a booking ID. Now visit to your source station and use your transaction ID to print a ticket from ATVM machine.

UTS official website link:

[N.B: According to UTS the journey is only valid with printed ticket]

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Top 3 sites that test web hosting details and providers

To get a good hosting service provider you need to perform a good research else you have to pay more for hosting. If you compare many hosting provider then you can save your money. One of my friend chosen a hosting provider one month ago with 12$ per month hosting but the service of the hosting provider was not so much satisfactory. When I showed him a good low cost hosting service provider he was astonished seeing it. But most people do like him. If you do some research carefully then you will save your hard earning money.

Some people relies on friends recommendation and I think this is good but as I already said you need to do some research before buying as it is your money so use it wisely. Here in this post I have given some online testing or you can say some researching tools which will help you choose best hosting service providers. List of such research tools are given below.

Webhostinghero is best when you want to know information about a site. The best thing is that you won’t have to register an account to know information. All you need to do is visit their website and put the website domain name you want to get information. It gives information about hosting server location. IP address and IP hostname. Nameserver details and ISP providers.

Another best hosting research tool. Most people like it as it gives too many other services that everyone look for. To get details of a domain put domain details without http and / at the end. Like webhosting hero all the features are there.

Simplest interface but very effective. It gives you all the information you are looking for. It gives you name of hosting provider registered IP address and name server details. This info from whoishosting will definitely help you to choose your next hosting service provider and you can save money from it.

Hope this information is useful to you. If you have any doubt and queries free to ask questions in comment section. Feel free to share our content with others. Your little sharing will help us to grow.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cantonment board Barrackpore recruitment peon safaiwala chowkidar 2015

Cantonment Board which is under ministry of defense govt. of India has announced to recruit Peon, Safaiwala, Chowkidar. Interested candidates may apply apply for the following post before 31st july 2015. Links to download official notice and form is given below.

Age limit: 

Age of candidate should not be less than 18 years and maximum age limit is 25 yrs as on 31st July 2015. SC/ST candidates will receive 5 years age relaxation and OBC candidates will get 3 years age relaxation as per the government norms.

For the post of peon candidate should passed class 8 from a recognized board. Pay band for this post is 4900/- to 16200/- with GP 1700.

For the post of chowkidar candidate should passed class 8 from a recognized board. Pay band for this post is 4900/- to 16200/- with GP 1700.

For the post of safaiwala candidate should passed class 8 from a recognized board. Pay band for this post is 4900/- to 16200/- with GP 1700.

Application process:

Candidate should fill the application for completely and affix recent passport size colored photo enclosing two spare copies of photograph along with the application form with relevant documents like proof of age, qualifications and caste certificate, a self addressed envelope with affixed thereon Rs.22/- stamp and 01 self addressed post card. The envelope containing application super scribed on the top with name of post applied for may be addressed to CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, CANTONMENT BOARD. 77, MIDDLE ROAD. BARRACKPORE, KOLKATA - 700120. For each post separate application should be sent.

Important dates:

Last date of receiving application to Cantonment Board Barrackpore is 31st July 2015.

Application fees:

Application fees is 100 for unreserved and OBC candidates. Candites have to enclose a bank draft of RS 100 on SBI barrackpore drawn in favour of Cantt Board, Barrackpore. SC/ST candidates are exempted from paying fees.

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

How to check cast certificate sc st obc details online in West Bengal

From today to 10 years back when a man applied for a cast certificate he had to suffer a lot to get the certificate but now with the help of modern technology the suffering is no more. The Backward Classes Welfare Department of West Bengal made a simple solution to get rid of such hazards. Now any person claiming for a cast certificate can apply online. If you already have a cast certificate you can also check this online.

From you can get the following features.

(1) Apply for a cast certificate
(2) you can view status of your application
(3) Can edit your application
(4) Reprint application or acknowledgement slip
(5) Check certificate details

How to check cast certificate SC ST OBC details online

Follow these simple steps to get details of your cast certificate

(1) If you have a new certificate then enter your certificate number in “New Certificate No”.

(2) If you have a old certificate the enter your certificate no in “Old Certificate No” select issue date and issuing Authority name from drop down list.

(3) enter search button to check your certificate details.

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Friday, July 3, 2015

WBTET upper primary 2015 e admit card download link best books list sample papers

This year WBTET (Teacher Eligibility Test) upper primary is going to be conducted on 16th August 2015. This year ministry of education declared that non trained persons can also apply for WB TET upper primary exam. As a result of that many people are going to appear in the exam. Those who have submitted application in 2013 they won’t have to submit fees again if they have payment id then they can download admit card. Fresh application last date was 30th June 2015. Candidate can download e admit card/ Hall ticket from official website of SSC. Probable date of starting download of admit card is 15 days before the date of exam.

Download WBTET 2015 call letter/ Hall ticket/ e-admit card

Candidates who have applied for WBTET 2015 can download their admit card directly from official website of WBSSC. Links to download is given below.

Click here to download WBTET upper primary admit card

Important Dates of WETET upper primary:

Starting online application for fresh candidate: 18th June 2015
Last date of application for fresh candidate: 30th June 2015
Downloading of Admit card: Soon to be declared
Date of exam WBTET upper primary: 16th August 2015

WBTET Upper primary best books list:


(2) WBTET - West Bengal Primary School Teacher Examination Paperback by Arihant Experts


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How to write a letter to the bank branch manager for activation of dormant/inoperative account

Now a day we all have Bank Account and some people have more than one accounts but maintain those accounts are not possible for all for either financial or some other reason. Accounts which are not operated regularly become a dormant account. Dormant account means inoperative accounts. According to RBI guidelines account which has not been used either for cash deposit or cash withdrawn becomes a dormant account. The good news is that you can now reactivate the dormant account but for that you need to give an application letter to the branch manager and you also need to submit KYC documents with it. Here I have given a sample letter below which you can modify and add your own personal details. Hope that it will be useful for you.

The Branch Manager,
Bank of India,
Delhi Branch,

SUB: Request of activation of dormant account

     I, Ashok Kumar Mallllhotra, maintaining the saving bank account number 12341011000XXXX with you.
     The above mentioned saving account has not been operated by me for a long time. Recently I have noticed that the bank account is dormant.
So, I request you to activate the dormant account so that I can operate the account again.

Thanking you.                                                                                                       Yours faithfully,
Date: DD/MM/YYYY                                                                                    Ashok Kumar Malhotra

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