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Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Consumer Protection Act 1986 Burdwan and Calcutta University sample question and answer

Friends today I going to share with you a sample question and answer related to topic Consumer protection Act 1986. These questions and their answers will help you to better understand the subject. Part 2 of this topic will cover more details and more question answers. This law series will definitely help Burdwan University and Calcutta University LL.B(law)students.

Q. Define the term consumer. Briefly define the objective and special needs of the Act. What are the Consumer Protection Redress agencies? Briefly describe district forum composition or structure.  Write short notes on Jurisdiction of District forum.

Consumer Definition: When a person buys any goods or avail any kind of service for a consideration, either for his personal use or to earn his livelihood by means of self employment , the consideration may be paid , promised, partly paid pertly promised, then he is said to be a consumer.

The objective of consumer protection Act 1986 is to provide redress to a consumer when the goods bought by a consumer is found faulty or defective or the service received are subject to some deficiency.

If the consumer files a case in civil court then he has to pay an adequate court fee and also need a lawyer and have to wait for a long period of time for a relief or remedy. For speedy judgement and to reduce cost separate court has been formed which is known as consumer court.

Consumer Protection Redress Agencies:

District Forum composition:

President: A person who is , or has been,or is qualified to be a district Judge, can be a president of District forum.

Other two members:

a.  Among two other members one shall be woman.
b.  Age not less than 35 years.
c. Must have bachelor’s degree.
d. Atleast 10 years of experience in business and law related field.

Jurisdiction of the district forum:

(1) The district forum has the jurisdiction to entertain complaint where price of the goods or service availed and compensation lies within 20 lakhs.

(2) Territorial jurisdiction.

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