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Sunday, March 12, 2017

How to fill boi bank cash deposit form or slip

If we want to do something we can do it no matter how tough the work is. Our present central government has showed that by providing free bank account opening to every Indian. This is not an easy task but strong determination and support from common man helped to achieve the goal. The step will definitely help the nation and the common man. When every people use bank account for daily transaction, black money can be stopped. Government will get income tax from people which will help to build the nation. There are lot more benefits of having a bank account to public and nation but the main problem now we are facing that not every people of every family is educated. Many people face difficulties while go to bank for transaction of money. As we all know that to deposit or withdraws of money one need to fill up the form of respective banks. Many people don’t know how to fill up the form to deposit money or withdraw cash from their own account. I asked many banks to arrange for a sample filled up form copy so that people know what to do and what details to put on form but sorry to say no body showed importance to my proposal so I decided to give myself a sample filled up form or slip copy to deposit money to Bank of India. I have tried my best to keep every thing accurate. If I did any mistake please mention them in comment section. Help the real needy people and make the world a better place to live. I have given instruction in two languages so that any Indian can use it. Please share it with a needy people so that he can be benefited from your share.

How to fill up the BOI deposit slip:

Click on Image to see full size image of BOI sample deposit slip

Branch name(Name of branch where you depositing money)
Account type(Savings[SB] etc)
Name(Full name of account holder)
Account number
Amount in word
Depositor Contact number
Depositor's signature 

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