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Friday, December 16, 2016

Where can I buy something with payza payment processor?

We are all living in an era where demonetization is taking place, currencies are becoming digital, people are using more digital transaction. E-wallets are nowadays very popular among young generations and tech savvy people.  Different companies showing that their digital transaction are rising day by day. Digital transaction has lots of benefits; one the best benefit is it helps to clean the economy i.e. reduces the chances of fraud in market. Second most important benefit is that it helps building the nation as government get proper tax from business. Many wallets are now available in India some of them like Payumoney, Citruspay, freecharge, Paytm etc. these are basically Indian payment processors and they can not process payments from foreign countries. There are many international foreign payment processors like paypal , Payza. They are now operating in India. One question may come to your mind that what “can I do with these payment processors?”. You can add bank account, add debit and credit card and make payment and receive payments from others. But to do that your account must be verified first then you can use your transaction with Paypal or Payza.

What can I shop with Payza payment processors?

The first thing I want to ask, what can you do with $100 note? Your answer may be “I can buy anything that fit with in that 100 dollar budget”. That’s right. It’s your hard earned money and you can buy any good thing with that money. 

Where can I buy something with Payza?

Speaking truthly that Payza is not as popular as paypal that means the number of online shop that accept payza is comparatively less then paypal. Many online shops currently use Payza as an optional payment system. At present what I have seen that payza is now mostly used by freelancers and internet advertiser to send and receive money online. In India payza has tied up with Yesbank. Now Indian people can transfer from payza wallet to their bank account very easily.

If you are still not a payza user click here to create new free acount

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