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Friday, March 11, 2016

WB Assembly election 2016 EC app samadhan Subidha Sugam download link

West has witnesses many bad elections and many problems arise during election. The most suffering is faced by voters. Their condition is very pathetic during election. The voters are threatened by parties to vote for in their favor. Rigging is a usual incident in election in West Bengal. The voters don’t get the opportunity to complaint about the bad incident which happens with them. In a country where people are the King and right to vote is the valuable right to form a Government. So the Election Commission of India has decided to create an app for voter to political parties so that they can complaint about the bad incident which happens with them. We are now living in high tech world where within 1 minutes we can contact people throughout the world but when we try to complaint about any incident it takes hours and hours. People of India are very thankful to EC for making such a wonderful app to keep voter’s right alive.

Features of the App: Samadhan

You can lodge complain about bad incident during poll.
Upload image and videos corresponding to incident.
You receive complain confirmation and can track your complaint status.

The EC has announced that the App is becoming very popular among the common voters and within few days of launching they have received more than 1300 complaints. EC has also said that they are taking all complaints very seriously and every good action will be taken to keep voters right alive.
EC has also announced to arrange clean and fair election in West Bengal and for that EC has decided to keep track of Election observer. For that two apps are also launched with the Samadhan App. Sugam for tracking cars of Election duty and Subidha will help Political Parties for campaign related application.

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