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Friday, February 26, 2016

Top 5 easy to use sev Bhujia maker suitable for home kitchen

It will be hard to find one person who does not like sev bhujia in India. It is a kind of food that everyone dreams when they are in sleep. You can say that it’s in our blood so we love it. From medical market survey report I have seen that eating such sev bhujia from outside is no longer considered as safe to eat. Ya you can say that not every shop, brand sell unhealthy sev, bhujia but most are like that but for good health you need to eat safe to eat food. The best way to be safe is to eat homemade food. Yes you can make sev or bhujia at home and for that you need to have a sev bhujia maker. In the market different types of sev bhujia maker available. From rupees 20 to 1000 you can buy a very easy to use sev maker. In chandni market (famous for electronics good) I have seen plastic sev maker which just cost rupees 20 for a piece. If you want a long running save maker then don’t go with the plastic one and try choose a metal sev, bhujia maker. In this post I have shown different types of sev maker. I will also discus about the Top 5 easy to use sev Bhujia maker suitable for home kitchen. As I was discussing that for long time use try to buy a stainless steel or brass metal sev bhujia maker. My father always prefer to eat home made sev bhujia so my mom makes sev at home. I baught a brass metal sev maker for my mom. After receiving the sev maker she was in complete joy. She enjoyed the product so much that my father I won’t have to tell about to make sev bhujia for us. The following images which will show you top i.e popular sev maker which you can find easily from ebay, snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon etc. popular e-commerce sites. If you have ever bought such products and enjoyed home made sev feel free to share your experience with us in comment section.

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