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Sunday, November 1, 2015

How to write an explanation letter of sudden leave in office sample

Life is always changing some time good changes happen sometime bad change happens. We are all slaves of time. Some time not doing work in proper time can make our life miserable. Many government employee and others office workers have faced such problem at least once in their service lifetime. Today I am talking about sudden leave in office. Some time life does not go as the way you want to run it. You may have promised to your boss or manager of office to perform duty on a certain date but due to some problem you may not be able to keep your promise. As a result of that you may have to face rude speech from your boss, manager, officers. This incident is quiet obvious. As an example suppose you are the boss of your organization and you have planned to open office on Sunday for some urgent work and you have told your two employees to come on that day and these two employees have agreed to come on that day. On Sunday you noticed that both are absent and as a result of that you could not perform the work you wanted to do. This may bring loss in your organization. So for that you may ask explanation from your two employees.  So I am going to give you a sample letter of explanation for sudden leave. As the topic says it is mainly for employees and not for the boss. Hope that this sample letter will help the people who faced such problems.

Explanation letter of sudden leave in office sample

The Manager,
XYZ Infotech

Sub: Explanation regarding sudden absent on DD/MM/YYYY

     Most respectfully I beg to state that , during every “Diwali” my family members were out of station to attend the “Diwali” festival at my fore-father’s native place at Central Delhi and I remain at home to perform my Sunday duty which I have already signed in advance.
     But unfortunately on I was sudden attacked by strong Diarrhea and got very much ill as an effect of 5 to 8 times loose motion. No one was there to look after me at that time and unfortunately I had no balance in my mobile phone to inform my office regarding the matter.
Therefore, I pray to you to withdraw the charge formed against me and assuring you also that I shall be more cautious in future to avoid such types of sudden absent.

                                                                                                            Yours faithfully,
Date:       /10/2015

                                                                                                            IT Department
                                                                                                            XYZ Infotech

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