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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to use Internet on PC with your Iball Slide brillante Android 4.4 Tablet via USB tethering

It will be hard to find an adult person who is not using internet to stay connected with social media. As the social media sites are growing it is becoming hard for the young generation to stay away from this social media sites. People are using internet on smart phone tablet PC and laptop to stay connected to digital world. Many people prefer to use internet on PC rather than on Smart phone or tablet because of large screen size of PC and mouse functionality. Here in this tutorial I will show you the way to connect your tablet with your PC and getting connected to internet. Here a feature known as USB tethering will be used for internet connection. Many of you have used internet on PC using standard phone installing a PC suite on your PC but in USB tethering all you need to connect your Smartphone/Tablet with PC using USB cable and enable USB tethering on Smartphone/Tablet. Following steps will guide you to use internet on PC using Iball Slide Brillante Tablet.

Internet on PC from Iball Slide Tablet’s USB Tethering

Step 1: In this first step you have to connect your iball Tablet/Smart phone with your PC using USB data cable.

Step 2: Now from iball app menu select setting application. In the image you get different image as I did from the top right corner home page.

Step 3: Now select More Setting option.

Step 4: In this step click on option “Tethering and Portable hotspot”.

Step 5: Select tethering type as “USB Tethering”. Check the box to enable USB tethering. Now your PC will be able to detect your Tablet as USB modem.

How to disable USB tethering?

By enabling USB Tethering you will be able to able to access internet on your PC. Disabling USB tethering is as simple as 123. If you want to disable USB tethering then follow the USB Tethering enabling tutorial and unchecked the box in Step 5.

N.B: When you enable USB tethering on PC a driver software installation notification will appear on PC. After successful installation of driver you will be able to use your Tablet as USB modem.

Thanks for reading this tutorial. Hope that tutorial is useful for Iball slide users as well as other brand smart phone users. You have any kind of problem and suggestions regarding this tutorial feel 100% free to write in comment section. Subscribe to our email newsletter and get lots of similar tutorial completely free and we will deliver it in your email ID. Share our post with others so that others can get benefit from your little sharing. Your little sharing will display a little caring for US.

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