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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Top trusted Indian survey panel sites list pay cash check Paypal 2015 2016

Hi friends, hope spent a good time in festive season. After a long period time I am writing a post about paid survey panel. One of my blog visitors asked me yesterday about new legit survey panel that pay to its panelist with check, Paypal. I promised him I will definitely write a post about it. This post is definitely going to help him as well as other readers of my blog. Most of the survey Indian survey panels pay to survey panelist as a gift voucher option but most people want cash for their hard work, not gift voucher. We are all observing that online e-commerce sites like ebay, Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart are gaining its popularity day by day. Some people are now not considering buying from them as quality and prices are their main consideration. As an example when you buy products from local market you can bargain price and check the quality of the product. A panelist who earns gift voucher also suffers from similar issue so they now prefer to get cash as they can use it anywhere as money have no alternative.  So here in this post I will discuss about top Indian trusted online paid survey panel that pay through Check, Paypal. If you are new to survey earning then you may check my previous post, I hope this will definitely be helpful for them.

Survey Panel List:

(1) Clixsense India

(2) VF Panel India

(3) IpanelOnline India

Q. Why people consider cash and not gift voucher?
Cash has no replacement till that date. Anyone within your country will receive cash but selective brand take selective gift voucher. Sometime some products are overpriced so if you have cash instead of gift voucher so if you have cash then you can buy it from elsewhere.

Q. How many gift vouchers can I use in single purchase payment?
Each e-commerce company has their own terms and conditions. Read their gift voucher payment related terms and conditions before use it.

Q. Is there any fees deduction in Gift voucher?
Most online e-commerce companies do not take additional charge but some offline gift voucher 8% processing fees.

Q. Is it safe to add bank account/ debit card in Paypal account?
Almost everyone who earn from online jobs has a paypal account. Paypal is 100% genuine and easy to use. Paypal act as a middle man between your bank and your rewarding panel. It also converts dollar into your local currencies and for that it takes a negligible fee.

Q. Is there any fees in Paypal payment receive?
Mostly the rewarding panels pay such fees during your payment. The maximum you can be charged id 2% of receiving money.

Q. How many days Paypal take to send money to bank?
Mainly after receiving fund in Paypal it takes approximately 3 to 5 days but if there exist any holiday then it may take 2 to 3 days more.

Hope this tutorial is helpful to you people. I have tried to give the best from my point of view. All the survey panel I posted is 100% genuine and trusted. Stay updated with more related news by subscribing our email newsletter. Follow our google+ and Facebook page to get daily updates for free. Your little sharing will display caring for us.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Vodafone India GPRS 3G APN manual setting for Android 4.4

We all know that learning has no end and you can learn till your old age. Many people say that once you stop learning you become old and nobody wants to grow old and to stay young you have to learn constantly. In today’s world it is hard for any tech savvy to stay unconnected with digital world. People now getting connected with the digital world with 2G, 3G, 4G Wimax and broadband connection. From the technological survey report it is observed that 2/3 of the internet user use their mobile phone to stay connected with the internet world. To connect internet from your mobile phone you need to have a internet setting on your phone which you will get from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) like here in this case it is Vodafone. Sometimes it is hard to get a internet setting for your mobile phone. Everyday many mobile models are coming out and they need to make a setting for that device. Whenever they arrange a setting for that device you will get but this process may take from one day to one month. Who will want to wait for that long period of time. So there exists an alternate process of that internet setting problem and it is known as manual internet APN setting. You can apply this to your smart phone and tablet. A most important thing I want to say regarding this tutorial that only APN and dial number are important for configuration. Follow these simple steps to stay connected to internet using Vodafone India network.

Where can I find APN option for iball Slide?

Follow the instructions to find your APN or see the image to do it easily.

Steps: Setting--> More setting --> Mobile networks --> Dual SIM network settings--> Access point names.

Manual APN setting iball slide Brillante for Vodafone network

Steps: Tap on (+) sign to add new APN--> Change APN name to www --> Click right 3 dots and save it. See below image to understand it clearly.

Q. Is dial number necessary for internet setting?

To access internet on mobile/Smart phone or to use USB tethering no dial number is necessary. If you still need it, number is *99#.

Q. Do I need to change MCC MNC in APN setting?

When you insert SIM on your Smart phone/Tablet it is automatically captured based on your location.

Hope this simplest tutorial helped you lot. If you faced any problem during APN setting don’t forget to mention in comment section. Subscribe our email newsletter for more helpful tutorial and don’t forget to share our post as your little sharing will display caring for us.

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

How to install Android USB tethering driver in Windows 7 8 10 for Iball slide brillante tablet

Today’s internet virtual world has changed our real world so much that no one stays away from it. Internet has reduced the distance from thousand miles to a second. People try to stay connected with either home broadband connection or with mobile network. A report says that almost 30% population of our country nowadays use Smart phone. That means this people to connect to internet world. Some of them love to use internet on PC as it give large screen, Keyboard and mouse working facility. In order to connect your PC to internet you need a wireless modem or broadband connection but you can use your smart phone as a wireless modem and this will definitely reduce modem cost. You can use your smart phone’s USB tethering feature to use internet on PC. I have given a tutorial and you will never get it anywhere to update driver for USB tethering for Windows 7 platform. I am 100% sure that this will for you too. Follow my step by step guidance to install USB tethering driver in Windows 7.

How to enable USB tethering on Android Smart Phone/Tablet?

Step 1: Connect your tablet to PC using data cable.

Step 2: Go to setting application. You will find this option on App menu.

Step 3: Go to more setting option and select Tethering & portable hotspot

Step 4: Now select USB tethering. This will now enable your tablet to work as modem for your PC.

How to install Android USB tethering driver on Windows 7?

This step only applicable to people who are unable to install Tethering driver automatically to their Windows 7 PC. As I told you earlier that I am 100% sure about it that this will work for your PC too.

Step 1: Download the USB tethering driver from this link and save it on desktop.

Step 2: Now the following steps will guide you to install driver on your PC. An image will also illustrate these steps.

My computer--> Right click--> Properties--> Device Manager --> RNDIS (You get the option in Network Adaptors/Other Device) --> Right Click on RNDIS --> Properties --> Under General Tab click on “Update Driver” button -->Browse my computer for driver software --> Let me pick from a device drivers on my computer--> Select device type as Network Adaptors --> Now from Select Adaptor window click on "Have disc" button -->Browse “tetherxp.inf” and click “OK” button. Windows will now install the USB tethering driver. Within 5 minutes it will be installed.
Now go to Device manager and within Network adapters you will see “Android USB Ethernet/RNDIS”. This shows you that USB tethering driver is successfully installed in your Windows 7 PC.

USB tethering driver official download link

Hope this tutorial definitely helped you. I will be very happy if you express your success with me. This will definitely encourage me to help you further. Don’t forget like and subscribe AFS page. Your little sharing of this post will display great caring for us.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to use Internet on PC with your Iball Slide brillante Android 4.4 Tablet via USB tethering

It will be hard to find an adult person who is not using internet to stay connected with social media. As the social media sites are growing it is becoming hard for the young generation to stay away from this social media sites. People are using internet on smart phone tablet PC and laptop to stay connected to digital world. Many people prefer to use internet on PC rather than on Smart phone or tablet because of large screen size of PC and mouse functionality. Here in this tutorial I will show you the way to connect your tablet with your PC and getting connected to internet. Here a feature known as USB tethering will be used for internet connection. Many of you have used internet on PC using standard phone installing a PC suite on your PC but in USB tethering all you need to connect your Smartphone/Tablet with PC using USB cable and enable USB tethering on Smartphone/Tablet. Following steps will guide you to use internet on PC using Iball Slide Brillante Tablet.

Internet on PC from Iball Slide Tablet’s USB Tethering

Step 1: In this first step you have to connect your iball Tablet/Smart phone with your PC using USB data cable.

Step 2: Now from iball app menu select setting application. In the image you get different image as I did from the top right corner home page.

Step 3: Now select More Setting option.

Step 4: In this step click on option “Tethering and Portable hotspot”.

Step 5: Select tethering type as “USB Tethering”. Check the box to enable USB tethering. Now your PC will be able to detect your Tablet as USB modem.

How to disable USB tethering?

By enabling USB Tethering you will be able to able to access internet on your PC. Disabling USB tethering is as simple as 123. If you want to disable USB tethering then follow the USB Tethering enabling tutorial and unchecked the box in Step 5.

N.B: When you enable USB tethering on PC a driver software installation notification will appear on PC. After successful installation of driver you will be able to use your Tablet as USB modem.

Thanks for reading this tutorial. Hope that tutorial is useful for Iball slide users as well as other brand smart phone users. You have any kind of problem and suggestions regarding this tutorial feel 100% free to write in comment section. Subscribe to our email newsletter and get lots of similar tutorial completely free and we will deliver it in your email ID. Share our post with others so that others can get benefit from your little sharing. Your little sharing will display a little caring for US.

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

How to write an explanation letter of sudden leave in office sample

Life is always changing some time good changes happen sometime bad change happens. We are all slaves of time. Some time not doing work in proper time can make our life miserable. Many government employee and others office workers have faced such problem at least once in their service lifetime. Today I am talking about sudden leave in office. Some time life does not go as the way you want to run it. You may have promised to your boss or manager of office to perform duty on a certain date but due to some problem you may not be able to keep your promise. As a result of that you may have to face rude speech from your boss, manager, officers. This incident is quiet obvious. As an example suppose you are the boss of your organization and you have planned to open office on Sunday for some urgent work and you have told your two employees to come on that day and these two employees have agreed to come on that day. On Sunday you noticed that both are absent and as a result of that you could not perform the work you wanted to do. This may bring loss in your organization. So for that you may ask explanation from your two employees.  So I am going to give you a sample letter of explanation for sudden leave. As the topic says it is mainly for employees and not for the boss. Hope that this sample letter will help the people who faced such problems.

Explanation letter of sudden leave in office sample

The Manager,
XYZ Infotech

Sub: Explanation regarding sudden absent on DD/MM/YYYY

     Most respectfully I beg to state that , during every “Diwali” my family members were out of station to attend the “Diwali” festival at my fore-father’s native place at Central Delhi and I remain at home to perform my Sunday duty which I have already signed in advance.
     But unfortunately on I was sudden attacked by strong Diarrhea and got very much ill as an effect of 5 to 8 times loose motion. No one was there to look after me at that time and unfortunately I had no balance in my mobile phone to inform my office regarding the matter.
Therefore, I pray to you to withdraw the charge formed against me and assuring you also that I shall be more cautious in future to avoid such types of sudden absent.

                                                                                                            Yours faithfully,
Date:       /10/2015

                                                                                                            IT Department
                                                                                                            XYZ Infotech

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