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Monday, September 21, 2015

Top 5 free premium URL shortening sites available in India

Hi friends today I am going to discuss on a topic that is very popular nowadays. We all use is some way but have not notices it carefully. If you are a twitter user then you must know that Twitter has character limit of 140. So every character is very important there. If you have ever paste a link in twitter then you see it has been converted into something like . You will never see your original link there but it will drive you to your original link. This magic is done by URL shortening script. 
Many online businesses like Vodafone, Freecharge uses URL shorting sites to short their promotion link through SMS. Some URL shortening sites gives option to make customize link. Suppose you are making a link for your business TEKMIN and you can make link like The main benefit of this is that now you can remember the link and your customer can also remember it very easily.  I have given below a short description of its working. I have searched google and found popular URL shortening sites which will help you to shorten your long link.

Top 5 free premium URL shortening sites


One of the best in the World. According to the site description it says Take a long link and make it short. This is a very popular URL shortening sites. It has both free and premium URL making options. You can make and track your visitor from this site. You also get barcode for your link and geo targeting is also a good option. Suppose you want your link to be shown only to Indian viewers. If viewers from other country appear then they will be redirected to the link you wish to redirect them. If you wish to track your URL then you need to create an account. They also have a premium plan starting from only $2 per month.


As the name suggest it is free service mage from Google. From this site you can create your short link. You can also track your link. There is no limit of creating a short link. All you need a Google account and you are completely free to go.


A free to use URL shortening service provider. It also provides custom alias for free. The link generated after shortening is not to small but it is quiet short compare to long link and it is free.


This is quiet similar to Tinyurl and here you can also make a short URL with custom alias (your specified name) but you can’t track your link. But to make short URL and redirect it is useful.


Another URL shortening service from which you can make tiny URL and it gives you the opportunity to earn some money. If shortened URL is viewed for 10000 times then you will receive $5. It is a ad based URL shortening service. To track your URL you need to create your account there.

How a URL shortening works?

It is a database driven application. When you give a long link it stores the link in database and generates a new link. When anyone clicks on the generated short link it call the database and database redirected then to the original link.
URL shortening sites are nowadays used very commonly and the service is gaining its popularity in ramp. Hope you enjoyed this post and it helped to create your own free short URL. Feel free to share this post with your friends so that others can benefit from this post. Your little sharing this post will display little caring for us. Follow us on Facebook and Google+ to stay updated with latest contents.

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