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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Building construction material cement Sand stone brick price in Kolkata India 2015-2016

Yesterday I was surfing the internet and one of my blog viewer asked me what is price of building materials at present. I could not give him the answer at that time but after visiting the local shop I got some idea. I have never written any post previously regarding this topic so I have decided to write about building materials price. One thing you need to know that prices mentioned here are not fixed they can vary each day. Here I have given the approximate price of Stone chip, Sand and cement price. You probably know that there are two types of cement available. One is 43 grade and other is 53 grade. The higher the cement grade the higher the price.

43 grade 50kg cement price = ~ 360 INR

River sand one 15ltr oil tin container = ~ 22 INR

Stone chip one 15ltr oil tin container = ~ 33 INR

Hope this post helped you somehow. You can also share your local building construction material price so that others can get a good benefit from that information. Feel free to share this post with others as sharing this post with others will display little caring for us.

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