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Sunday, July 19, 2015

How to buy a used secondhand laptop desktop computer and what to look carefully before buy

Technology is developing very fast and to cope up with the latest technology tech savvy are buying new technology almost every year. This trends filling up their home with full of gadgets. But not every get the chance to buy new technology every time so they buy second hand gadgets like PC, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone. As the demand of second hand products are rising so as increasing the number of online classified sites. In India there are so many classifieds sites like OLX, QUIKR etc. The objective of this tutorial is to give you an idea how to buy a secondhand PC Laptop from online classified.

Before buying from classified check whether the seller is verified or not. There are less chances of getting cheated from verified users. When you are buying a tech product it is recommended to check the technical specification rather than the talk of the seller.

Things you need to check before you buy a Secondhand PC

► Processor Speed:

As you know processor is the most important part of every computing system. Your computer without a good processor is just like a calculator. Always buy a processor with multi core and higher processing speed like1.6- 2.3 GHz.

► Hard disc drive (HDD) capacity:

Capacity of HDD is very important as in your HDD OS will be installed and to store your documents on it. Make sure that that the PC you are going to buy have at least 80 GB of HDD capacity.

► Random Access Memory (RAM) capacity:

RAM is the primary memory of your PC without it your PC won’t start. Check the number of RAM slot available. Type of RAM i.e. it is DDR/DDR2/DDR3. Also check maximum RAM capacity in each RAM slot.

► Motherboard:

Motherboard holds the circuit as well as the major components of PC like Processor, RAM, Graphics card, PIC card, audio and video graphics processor. Intel, ASUS, AMD, Gigabytes are those whom you can trust.

► USB/Flash drive port:

USB flash drives are very important nowadays. If you do not have DVD write on your PC it won’t create much problem but not having a USB post will suffer you more. You need at least 2 working condition USB port.

► Monitor size and resolution:

Without it you won’t be able to work on your PC. Choose a monitor with higher resolution.

► Peripheral device:

Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Scanner are considered as peripheral device. Your PC must come with Keyboard and mouse. Check whether they are in working condition or not.

► Audio and Mic port:

Audio and mic port are very important without it you won’t hear a sound from your PC.

► Disc Drive:

Every PC should come with a Disc Drive. Disc drive helps you to install OS in your system and play audio or video from CD/DVD disc. You can also burn your documents on CD or DVD. Make sure the DVD writer has at least 12x writing speed.

► Operating system:

In order to run a PC you need an Operating System (OS). Some PC just comes up with free DOS. You can install Windows, Linux in your PC. Check whether PC comes with installed OS or not.

If you find a second hand PC with the basic things (Processor, Motherboard, monitor, Ram) in perfect working condition then buy it as you will be able to change the peripheral devices later. If you are looking for a PC to work on your home it is better to buy a PC rather than laptop as it saves some money for you and give your gadget longevity. Finally from my personal experience I suggest you to bargain as much as possible as it saves your hard earning money. You can also buy a coke and pizza with your savings from bargain.

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