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Friday, March 14, 2014

How to start poultry farming business in India with little investment || Poultry farming tutorial

Poultry farming is one of the best farming businesses available in India. Depending on your investment you can make a small, medium and large poultry farm. Poultry farming can give you huge profit if you invest your time and hard work properly. There is possibility of earning more than 6 lakhs per year depending on the size of your farm. Poultry farm business is not so hard business; hard working, patience and little investment of your money can bring success which you are looking for a long time. Though it has lots of profit but it also has the possibility of getting loss. 

Poultry farming business is gaining popularity as fast food industries are gaining its popularity. You must haveheard of the names of big fast food supply chain such as KFC, Dominos, Mc Donalds, Subway. They are the biggest buyers of chicken. Some of them have their own poultry farm. You can also sell your chicken to local market, ceremony etc. you won’t find any difficulties to find a market for your chicken.

Here, from this tutorial you will learn how to start your poultry farm business. To start poultry business you need to have land, a farm, chicken, and food stock and maintenance worker. Managing all those things is somewhat difficult. This tutorial will guide you how you can make over such small problems.

Invest for your farm and search a good client:

When you think of makinf a farm, you first need to think of the amount you can invest for your business. If you want to make a small farm then more or less 2 lakhs is enough for your business. Money is not a problem now a day to meke a firm business in India. You will always get financial help from different banks in India. When you meet the financial need then your next job is to find the market for your business. First you need to search for any distributer who can distribute your product in market. There are huge fast foods customers are there who are always willing to buy your products. Hotels are also best buyers of chicken. Fulfilling customers need such as eggs and meat you can earn sufficiently.

Home sweet home for your chicken:

The first step of making a poultry farm is to build a home for your chicken. In this tutorial we are going to construct a farm for 100 chickens. Dimension of the farm should be 55feet/25feet. Sample blueprint of chicken farm is given below. You have to construct a farm where air flows properly. Air is very important for your chicken as this may affect the health of your chicken. The farm should have at least 6 different blocks. Here in this tutorial you will see 7 different blocks. Each block has its own importance. Each block must have a temporary door with it. Your farm should be made in clean place and make sure that drainage system is proper. Fence your farm with metal net. Block 7 and block 3 is for temporary need such as to keep separate the infected chicken from uninfected chicken.

Buy day-old baby chicken:

When you have a clear business planning in your mind then you may step in buying baby chicken.  You can find different breeds of chicken. Choose the chickens that have highest immune power. It takes a small chicken to turn into full grown chicken almost 6 to 8 weeks. Buy a day-old baby chicken for your farm. You may choose a broiler chicken or egg chicken depending on the type of your business. Try to buy breeds from hatcheries. Always remember new breed have higher diseases prevention abilities. Suguna hatchery is one of the best hatcheries that give you best day-old baby chicken.

Look after your Farm properly:

Looking after your chicken is the most important part in poultry farm. If you cannot do it by yourself then employ a worker. Different growth stage of chicken different look after is needed. The most important part of look efter is feeding and cleaning. Provide your chicken a healthy food as you want them to be healthy and full grown within 8 weeks. Next important thing is cleaning. Your farm should be cleand around 2 days in a week. Use DDT and mosquito repellant around your farm.

Your chicken can catch disease easily:

Most difficult part of poultry farming is disease control. During the seasonal change different types of bacterial growth increases rapidly. Your chicken may catch disease from bacteria, virus, fungi and fro pests. Bacteria and viruses are mostly responsible for chicken diseases. Bacteria like Salmonella and virus like Influenza are harmful ones. When you find this kind of situation, try to arrange a quick medication for your chicken. Bird flu disease can enter in your farm in following way such as from wild birds, polluted water, from sick birds in your farm and from worker.

How to stop spreading disease in your poultry farm?

Maintaining some simple rules you can stop spreading disease inside your farm.
  1. In the above blueprint you have seen block 1 and block 2. When entering block 1, wash your hands properly. Remove your outer cloths and wear clean footwear in block 2 (clean area).
  2. When you see any disease indication then arrange a quick medication. If any chicken dies remove that chicken quickly and deep burry it so that it may not spread to other chicken.
  3. Cleaning is another important part that you always need to look after properly. Feeding pan of chicken should be cleaned once in every week. Drainage system in your farm must be proper.
  4. Control outsider’s activity. Outsiders can be birds, parasites and even human being. Control outside vehicles activity inside your farm. Park your vehicle at most 100 meters away from your farm.

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