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Thursday, March 6, 2014

How to earn real money online in India 2014? Different money making tips for students without investment

We are living in a world where nothing can be achieved without having money. Money is very essential in our everyday life. Without having it we can’t buy food, go to the wonder land and can’t wear beautiful dresses. When a little boy reaches to his teenage age, he also needs some pocket money for this he has to ask money from his parents. Who wants to ask for money several times from their parents? None. Everyone wants a financial freedom. Even I also wanted a financial freedom at teenage. We are living on online world that means we are living in fast world and fast always get the fiest opportunity. More than half of the world’s population use online for social activities as well as business and for that reason most of the business are also becoming online. So you are getting an opportunity to make money online.

Making money online is now very easy; just you have to find the right place for you. You have to find the best suitable part-time or full-time jobs for you. I have found some people who have become a millionaire from this online job. You also have to keep patience for that because they are doing that business for more than 5 years and they are experienced as well as know how to do that job.

This tutorial will guide you how to find a right job for you. One question may be coming to your mind is, “How to earn money online?”. Don’t worry my friends. I told you earlier that I will guide you the best I can. Another thing I forget to share with you earlier that here in this job your steady wit and little hard work will help you to win.

There are lots of money making ways in online but some of them pays and some not. Finding a legit money making site is very time consuming. But you don’t have to worry as I will do it for you. There are different online money making jobs available, different country provides different jobs. Types of online jobs are blogging, online content writing (Data entry), paid survey, online ads view, get paid to surf, Freelancing, Completing tasks, offering tasks. Each of them will be discussed here with details.

Start with blogging

Blogging is most popular jobs right now in internet world. Most of the people start their carrier as a blogger. You will be paid for sharing your thought and experience with the world. You can earn showing ads in your web page and Advertisement network will give you revenue for that.
Top Advertisement publish programs are:

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Chitika
  3. Infolinks
Some time base on the content quality some people do not get approved from Google Adsense. For them Adsense alternatives are there. You can use chitika, infolinks as well as Popads( best adsense alternatives for Indian). Most of the Advertisement program pays through either cheque or Paypal.

Online typing or content writing JOB

This is another best way to earn money online. If you have writing skills then this job is suitable for you. There are lots of publishers out there who wants content writer for their blog or business. Content writing job is very easy. You have to write around 300 to 400 words paragraph for any business or according to the clients demand. Content writing is very high paying job. You get around 2-5$ for each writing you complete.
iWriter and Fiverr are best for content writing job.

Participate online paid survey and earn

Surveys are very popular now a day. Business organizations perform survey operation to understand the need of the customer and improve their products according to the customers’ needs. For this purpose business organizations expensed millions of dollars for survey. For participating in survey panelist will be rewarded.
Survey panel list is here.

Freelancing job

Hove you got talent and skills? If yes then this job is best for you. If you are an expert in subjects then offer your service and take that task from others. Tasks that you can perform as a freelancer are SEO, PSD to HTML conversion, online teaching, Graphics design and lots more. Some of freelancer sites are and

Earn by completing Tasks

This is the simplest work in the internet world. You do not need any experience to complete tasks. You have to follow instructions and complete task. Some of tasks are reviewing authorship, rating articles, finding business address, finding a product from hazy image etc. completing this simple task you can make $0.2 to $2.0. some tasks companies that can help you are MTurk, microworkers, clickworker, shorttask. Search these names on google and you get joing links of them.

Earning from SEO

Are you a tech guy or love to surf in the internet and have basic knowledge in html and how searching works. Then SEO job is perfect for you. Most of the blogger offer this service as huge bucks are there. For each SEO offer you can charge your client $50 to $100.

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