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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Google web designer tool overview || How to use it tutorial

After a long wait Google released a new Web Design tool named “Google Web Designer”. Though it’s a beta version and now it’s completely free. Google was thinking about to create web design program that will be completely platform independent and finally Google has done it. It has some features that will blow your mind. That is it will reduce your hard working. Google is giving some kind of JQuery features that is write less and do more with your code. It supports in all major platforms like computers, Tablets and mobiles. That is you won’t have to worry about compatibility issue. This is also a good news for the AdSense publishers as your ads will be shown to all platforms.

Google web Designer tutorial

Google Web Designer tool will help both the novice and the advanced web designers. For the novice designer, they won't have to worry about the back end codes and for the advanced web designers who love to play with their codes can implements their own codes.

Features you get from Google Web Designer tool

  • 2D animation. Two types of 2D animation mode available (i) Classic mode (ii) Advanced mode.
  • 3D environment. You can create 3D content from this feature. This is simply done with the help oh CSS and HTML5.
  • Design and Code view. Google Web Designer will also provide you code and design view just like Adobe Dreamweaver IDE.
  • Illustration tool. Google also kept in mind about the creativity of the Web Designer. This feature gives the web designer a power on their creativity.
  • An easy ads workflow feature for the ad publisher.

Get the best features from Google Web Designer Now!

Google Web Designer tool is definitely a good tool for the web designer and publisher. “Google Web Designer” is now available for Windows and MAC platform in Beta version and yes it absolutely free to download. You can download from this link.

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