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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Adding your favorite image to a folder

How to adding your favorite image to a folder? 
Dear friends here I have a very useful and interesting tip for you. Sometimes you have to face some problem to distinguish the folders because in standard configuration of window explorer each folder seems closely the similar to others.            
If you want to explore your folder in windows explorer's thumbnail view and make these folders are prominent then it is easier to distinguish using text name, for example you're download audio files or digital photos. But if you want to add image to a folder to distinguish with others then you should choose that folder which you want to decorate.
First go to any folder you want to customize then right click within that folder and select "customize This Folder" then Select Customize tab and click on "Choose Picture" button to add favorite image. 

The image which you want to use navigates to that image and then clicks "Open" to view a sample of the picture inside the folder icon. Click on Ok button, if you are satisfied from that image .If you are not satisfied then choose another image.
Now at the end, go to View menu to display the folder in Explorer's thumbnail with image.

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