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Green Zone

 Renewable Technologies Summit 2011
                                                                                                                   A Unique Event

The last few years have seen unpredicted growth in the renewable technologies sector in North America, with more environmentally friendly generation facilities coming on line and the gradual retirement of old and polluting fossil fuel plants. With the continuing improvements in technology the cost of “green” power has also continued to fall to levels that make it financially acceptable to consumers. This growth comes as the electric industry continues to undergo a fundamental change in its business model with more utilities choosing to sign Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with independent generating companies rather than developing and operating their own renewable generation facilities.
Continuing improvements in Photo Voltaic and Thermal Solar cells and the increase in off shore and land based wind development is enabling renewable technologies to move nearer their goal of becoming sources of baseload generation. The last twelve months have also seen a further expansion in other technologies like Biomass, low temperature Geo-Thermal and landfill gas and the continuing expansion of the Smart Grid. But major challenges still remain with further climate change and emissions legislation expected, the lack of certainty as to the continuation of the US Government’s stimulus package and also the possibility of a Federal Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) that might replace different RPS’s put in place at a state level.
The Renewable Technologies Summit offers a unique format for solution providers to gain access to the leading power generation executives across North America. Over three days, solution providers will meet and interact with senior power generation executives through a number of one-on-one business meetings and many organized networking activities. In addition, solution providers will attend strategic summit sessions led by thought leaders from across the electric utility industry. Within the luxurious settings of The Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa, this networking event presents a unique opportunity to develop meaningful and valuable business relations.


With a penchant to design environment friendly and ecologically amicable spaces, Spectral takes pride in stating that all the services systems for buildings designed by Spectral, are eco-friendly, energy efficient and fully fire safe with an excellent indoor air quality and water conservation facility. All this is achieved at an optimum life cycle cost. We are an environmentally conscious corporate entity with Green Engineering being our forte and core competence. At the same time, we strive to achieve financially feasible and environmentally acceptable project milestones with our expertise. In this era of fast-paced obsolescence, our Research and Development cell in Delhi, keeps itself abreast with the latest developments in the industry to offer uncompromised solutions to our clients. We take an insightful look at our strengths, which forms the quintessence of our services:


  • Environment-Friendly

Complying with the LEED green building standards for sustainable site development, Spectral building designs address the environmental parameters at various stages from project planning to project designing. The USGBC LEED Platinum Award for "Godrej Business Centre - Hyderabad" in 2003, "ITC Centre - Gurgaon" in 2004 and "Wipro Technologies - Gurgaon" in 2005 are testimony to our sustainable design excellence. For the year 2007, Spectral has already bagged LEED (USA) USGBC Platinum Award for its head office at Noida. Spectral Services Consultants has also been a partner in the Design Team Consortium which has been recognized for its creativity with an Innovation Award for the Doha City Centre Phase II and III, by the Arabian Hotels Investment Conference. 

  • Energy-Efficient

In this era of global warming and imminent climate change, where the energy conservation is directly related to low carbon emissions, Spectral is a strong proponent of an environmentally responsible corporate growth. Following the benchmarks of LEED standards, we have all along championed energy frugal designs to improve and elevate environmental value, discourage energy abuse and alleviate energy crisis. The USGBC LEED awards for consecutive years are the living credentials for our organization's vision, mission and values. Spectral has had the unique distinction of being the only consultancy organization to have four of its major projects being awarded USGBC LEED highest platinum rating within its five year stint in India. 

  • Fully Fire-Safe
Spectral buildings are fully fire-safe from the perspective of the material used and the safety interlocks engineered in the building. Affiliated to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and with one of our senior colleagues being an NFPA Accredited Engineer, we offer intelligent smoke detection and alarm, water based fire-fighting and gas based fire suppression consultancy complying with the highest international fire safety codes and regulations. 

  • Excellent Indoor Air Quality

Spectral buildings maintain the purity of indoor environment by proportionating outdoor air intake in dynamic proportion to occupancy, and minimizing odour & contaminants in the indoor air, thus boosting productivity in terms of employee attendance, and improving their health and well-being.

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