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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

How to use simple teleprompter app the best android teleprompter

Everyday people are nowadays trying to do something. From teenage age people are now trying to become an entrepreneur. Many online sites tasks as well as online blogging and vlogging are helping them to fulfil their dream. From the year 2017 video blogging is becoming very popular but video blogging is not too easy. It needs some special skills. Many people find very difficult to speak in front of camera very fluently. Sometimes they miss the flow the speech. Though such difficulties people are nowadays performing video blogging very efficiently. There are some people who are working very hard to make video bloggers life very easy and with the discovery of android smart phone life is becoming very easy. One best app which is making video bloggers life very easy and the app is simple teleprompter. Below we will describe what teleprompter actually is and why it is used and advantage and disadvantage of teleprompter.

What is a Teleprompter?

A teleprompter is a device which mirrors the mirrored text on a glass and behind this a camera is positioned. It is mainly used by news reader and high profile political leader during their speech.

How to use Simple Teleprompter app?

The simple Teleprompter app is very easy to use. Just write you speech script and save an play it. You need to adjust some setting to use this app efficiently. Following instruction will give you the idea to work with Teleprompter and change its setting.

Step 1: Visit Google Play store to download Teleprompter application.

Step 2: After successful installation launch the app.

Step 3: Now click on Create new document.

Step 4: You can import your text from existing text document or write your own script and save your document.

Step 5: Now click on Save and start to preview your script.

How to configure Teleprompter setting?

To use teleprompter effectively you need to change the following settings.

*As you are using Smartphone or tablet as teleprompter devise so do not check on mirror on setting.

*Adjust font size and line spacing to adjust your view.

*You can change your text scroll speed according to your text reading capabilities. Always try to keep a black background and white text.

Advantage and disadvantage of using Teleprompter

Teleprompter has an advantage that’s why people are using it. Nowadays most video bloggers are using teleprompter as this helps to deliver a continuous speech flow. It is very hard to remember the script and deliver the speech so it also helps them to deliver speech successfully.
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