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Sunday, July 2, 2017

What is K-map and how to design full adder circuit simplifying SOP equation?

Friends, today I am going to give you good news. From today we are going to post tutorial lessons related to engineering subjects as well as Polytechnique subjects. Many regular readers of this blog have suggested posting tutorials related to engineering subjects. So this decision is definitely bringing a smile on their face. With this, we will still continue to post other useful education-related tutorials. Our first post related to engineering subject will be from electronics. This tutorial is specially prepared for WBUT (MAKAUT) but it will be also useful for every engineering students. Here in this basic electronics tutorial, we are going to discuss with karnaugh map. It is popularly known as k-map. You can also treat this tutorial as sample college notes.

What is k-map?

Karnaugh map is also known as k-map, it is a method to simplify boolean expressions. The number of k-map cells depends on the number of input variables.
Eg: of no. of input variables = 2
Therefore, no. of cells = 22

Basic rules of K-map:

1. Number of K-map cells = 2where n= number of input variables

2. Create groups with the only 1s for the sum of products equation.

3.  When creating groups in K-map, make sure groups are formed at right angles(i.e. either rectangular shape or square formation)

4. Groups are formed in 2n order

5. Overlapping of groups are allowed in K-map

variables, 3 variables, 4 variables K-map

3 Variable K-map

K-map for full adder and simplifying equation

Full Adder Truth Table
K-map for Cout
K-map for Sum
Cout SOP equation

Sum SOP equation
Full Adder Circuit Diagram

Hope you have gone through this tutorial and enjoyed. If you consider this tutorial as use then share it your friends and help them to understand this topic. Like our facebook page for and google plus to stay connected with us and lastly subscribe our free email newsletter to stay up-to-date with our latest post.

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