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Friday, December 22, 2017

How to fill up post office cash withdrawl form SB-7 easy tutorial

India post is developing itself very fast than everyones expectations. Recently India launched India post Payment bank. All customers are now being shifted to core banking facilities. People now have the opportunity to use ATM all over India. Government of India has a plan to make India digital. India post is also encouraging people to use digital transaction. More than 60% of people still rely on physical currency. Similarly many people also use withdrawl slip to withdraw cash from post office. Some people find it difficult to fill up the form. This tutorial will help you to fill the form so that you won’t have to rely again on others.

Sample fill up withdrawl slip(SB-7)

Here in the section we are using some examples data but you have to use your own data in the following sample form. Before doing that first keep ready your pass book with you.
Sample pass book data:
Name : Samir Agarwal
Account Number: 9876543210
Account balance as on 21/12/2017: rupees 10,000/-

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