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Friday, August 4, 2017

Is it possible to transfer data from one mobile network operator to other network?

There was a time when we paid for both incoming and outgoing calls. Things have changed nowadays. We now pay only for outgoing calls. Now the generation of voice only network is over and network providers are shifting to data only networks. With the help of data networks you can do both voice calls as well as access the internet. Since 2000 we have witnessed a dramatic change in mobile and its network technological development. With 2020 people will surely shift their network from 2G to 5G. 5G technology is currently under test but it is expected that it will be in working condition within 2020. People are eagerly waiting for that technology. Nowadays Indians are happy as they are getting affordable 4G i.e 2G price but 4G speed but not every Indians are getting the facility of 4G as requires 4G handset. With the launch of Jio 4G on September 2016 so many people in India whether it is village, town or metro city are enjoying the Jio 4G. Just for economical condition it is hard for people to buy two 4G handset. Jio is providing sufficient data to every customer. Some people want to transfer jio net data balance to other network operator mobile number. Many of sites are showing that it is possible to transfer net balance from Jio but the truth is that it is not possible at all.

Why it is not possible to transfer data between network operators?

The answer of your question leys within the with the question you asked. As we know network operators runs business for the profit. If someone send data to other then the person who is getting the data will never buy data in other network. Recently it is seen that data sharing with the network operator is possible. Some network operators like Airtel Postpaid has launched data sharing. It now expected from other network operators like Jio and Vodafone to launch similar plans within their network soon of in near future. Another point is that for internetwork operability it needs separate architecture. Different companies used different hardware and software.
Data network also need approval from TRAI to work on this matter.  
So after carefully studying it is quiet clear that you can not Transfer jio net to other network mobile number.

If you know the way to Transfer jio net to other mobile network operator plase write in the comment section. Many readers of this blog will be glad to see your comments in comment section. Hope you have found  your answer. Feel free to share this article you find this article helpful to you.   

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