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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How to import more than 50Mb sql file in PhpMyAdmin

Hi, guys, I am here today with another database tutorial. A few days back someone asked me a question that how to import sql file more than 50MB size. He told me that he is migrating his hosting to godaddy and the server not letting him to import his 80mb sql file. So I decided to write a tutorial which not only helps him but others too. In this tutorial, we will learn to import a large (50+MB) sql file in phpMyAdmin database. You may already know that it is very difficult or you can say it is quite impossible to import sql file more than 50MB. There are many ways you can import large sql file into phpMyAdmin. Today I will only discuss the easiest way to do it so that anyone can do it. It requires no coding skills. Remember this tutorial is only applicable to linux run apache server as you need to run php script.

Steps to import large sql file in phpMyAdmin database

1. Download BigDump php file

2. edit the bigdump php file with text file editor(notepad of notepad++)

3. add database information and save bigdump php file

4. create a “temp” folder and upload bigdump php file and sql file in it. (you may use FTP wizard to upload your file, you can Filezilla to do it)

5. now visit url (change your-site-name with your own domain name)

6. Perform import

7. Check database in phpMyAdmin

8. Delete "temp" folder

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