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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How to fill India Post cheque deposit slip sample form fill up

Government of India has taken a great step by forcing most major organization to use Cheque as payment option. Before this step most major organization like co operative bank gave loans to their customer or member in cash but now they will issue Cheque for members. This will definitely help government to collect more tax. Most people are not accustomed with this feature but as this now compulsory, people have to learn it. So this post I am giving a sample copy of filled up form. In this sample form 1 to eight numbers are given. How to fill up India post Cheque deposit form is mentioned below. Instructions have been given below in both Hindi and English. If you find any difficulties in this sample fill up procedure please mention them in comment section. If this article is helpful to you then don’t forget to share it with the needy person. Your little share can help then to do their work easily.

How to fill India Post cheque deposit form

(1) Enter your account number
(2) Enter cheque deposit date
(3) Enter you full name( Name must match with cheque and pass book)
(4) Enter cheque amount in words
(5) Enter amount in figure
(6) Enter cheque number( i.e. number mentioned with "")
(7) Checque issue date
(8) Your signature 

India Post चेक deposit फॉर्म कैसे fill up करे                     

(१) १ नंबर स्थान पे पहले अपना Account number लिखिए          
(२) २ नंबर स्थान पे किस तारीख आप Cheque deposit कर रहे हैं वो तारीख लिखिए        
(३) यहाँ आप अपना पूरा नाम लिखिए जो आपके अकाउंट पास बुक पे लिखा हैं          
(४) Cheque में लिखा गया amount spelling करके लिखिए      
(५) Cheque amount number में लिखिए                  
(६) ६ number स्थान पे चेक का नंबर लिखिए                  
(७) ७ number स्थान पे cheque isuue तारीख लिखिए                
(८) ८ number स्थान में अपना हस्ताक्षर कीजिये                 

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