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Friday, March 24, 2017

Hotel raj palace in new digha a brief review

Who doesn’t want to roam around in nature? Different people have different choices. Some like seas and some like visiting holy places and some like to trek in mountains. When we go to a tourist place we try to stay there for at least 3 to 4 days. For this, we need to find hotels. We all want a good facility and fair price hotels. Tourism business over the past few years is ramp rising. Each year you will find new hotels in tourist spots. Recently a new hotel named Hotel Raj Palace is under construction on new Digha. An image is shown below. As it is under construction building so they have not started to book hotels. Based on what is seen on the image it is expected that the hotel will start its journey in 2017. So at this moment, it will not be fair to review it. We will give you a detailed review one it starts its journey.  Wishing you all a happy summer. The Summer brings lots of stress to innocent animals and birds. Do something whatever you can do to solve their distress. I request everyone who ever is reading the post to put a pot full of water out side of your gate or in the garden so that thirsty animals and birds can quench their thirst. 

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