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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Valuedopinions India survey panel payment proof and review 2017

You may have or not remembered the days of 1900 when any type of communication was very difficult. Then telephone changed our life. People can now call directly to people and the best thing is it in real-time communication. Today’s communication now turned into digital communication. People now use skype, google hangout, Facebook video chat to communicate with people and it is all done with the help of World Wide Web(WWW). Now world wide web has reached beyond just for communication. Now after demonetization in India, digital transaction has increased. People are doing jobs online. Internet really helped the unemployed people to find work. Many people like house wives, retired persons and college studying students always looks for some part time jobs. One job is perfect for them is Online survey filling job. Anyone having knowledge in basic computing a computer with internet connection and above age 16 can participate in online survey panel. Online survey is nothing but a short interviews in question and answer order. After successful panel registration you need to complete your basic profile information as based on this profile the survey will be sent to you. One thing that you must remember that you will not qualify for every survey that you are invited. Sometimes you will be screen out of survey outmatching their qualification criterion and reaching their required number of participants. Here I am going to share with you a survey panel payment proof and review about it. The name of the survey panel is valuedopinions India. The payment proof which is shown here is submitted by Mr Avik Biswas. He received rs 400 amazon gift voucher. He told me that he used to redeem flipcart vouche but this time the flipkart voucher was unavailable in reward section. He told me that it took around 3 months to reach to the 400 payout threshold but I have also heard from people that they are receiving vouchers every month (receiving and qualifying for more surveys). The best thing about Valuedopinions that you get vouches instantly on your email id when your account reaches a 400 threshold and you ask for reward.

Valuedopinions payment proof 2017

Screenshot of payment proof of valuedopinions India is given below. Hope you got the review you are looking for. Thanks for reading the post. Wishing you all a very happy new year 2017. Hope all your wish comes true this year. If you enjoyed this tutorial don’t forget to like share with others. Subscribe our email newsletter and get our latest post directly to your email id. 

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