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Friday, March 25, 2016

TPLink 720n router configuration for wishnet Siti Alliance cable broadband

Digital world digital India and Digital people. Yes all are nowadays living in digital world. I asked a young lad do you have a social networking account. He replied with obvious yes answer. I also asked him how connect to the digital network. He replied that I have internet connection at home and also use mobile internet when away from home. He also said that I am interested to use router in my home. He uses cable broadband connection but don’t know how to set up. So I tried my best to help him. So I created a tutorial for him and also for you. TPLink 720n router configuration for Siti,Alliance,Wishnet cable broadband.  
Before starting configuration of your router first ready the following information. If you do not have following information right now then contact your cable broadband service provider and ask them information.

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
Primary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server:

Step 1: Go to run (Shortcut-> Ctrl+R) and type ncpa.cpl. Right click on Local area connection and choose properties option. Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4). Now select obtain IP address automatically.

Step 2: Insert the driver/easy installation CD (given with your router) in your CD/DVD writer. Go to my computer and double click on the TP link installation CD as shown in image.

Step 3: A set up wizard page will open and choose your router “Easy setup Assistant” option.

Step 4: Select your preferred language and click on start button to go to next step.

Step 5: A Rj45 cable has been given with your router. Connect one end of the cable with your router (Yellow female port) and other end with your PC/Lap top RJ 45 port.

Step 6: Now connect you cable broadband Rj45 to your router WAN port (Blue color).

Step 7: Connect the power adapter with your router and power it on.

Step 8: Now check the LED lights on your router. If all are working properly as given in following image then you are ready to go in next step.

Step 9: In this step router will check the connection. Once it is finished go to the next step.

Step 10: In this step you have to choose your connection type. Most of the cable broadband provides a static IP. So select static IP from connection type and click on “Next” button.

Step 11: Fill all the boxes with your IP information which you have received from your cable broadband service provider.

Step 12: Next step is creating your WiFi network. Give a name to your WiFi network.

Step 13: In this step you have to secure your network to stop unauthorized access. Give a strong and memorable password.

Step 14: You are almost to the end of set up. In this step confirm your setting and save it and then finish the set up.

Step 15: Now open a browser and go to your network login page.(If you have done the previous steps successfully then you get your network login page). Enter your login details and surf the internet.

You are now ready to use your cable broadband connection both your PC/Laptop and wifi enabled smart phone/Tablet.

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