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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Popular list of programs broadcasted by DD national and DD Metro

Door Darshan which is abreviated as DD is controlled by Prasar Bharti (maintained by government of India). DD stated its journey in 1959. Since then it gave something beautiful to every Indian which one can not forget about. Especially the 90’s kid will never forget the wonderful journey with door darshan. In 90’s time when most people do not have TV, cable was also very rare, people spent their time with famiily and which created a wonderful atmosphere these days. Many people searched aryamaan DD national.  All episodes but it may not be possible to find all episode if DD uploads it then you may find it. 90's era is definitely a golden age for DD. DD national channel serial are given below. Some of them include DD1 old serial list. The train dd national serial may not be available for free to stream. Doordarshan all serial from 2007 to 2010. Doordarshan all serial from 1990 to 2000. Till DD metro’s launched DD national was the main channel of entertainment for most Indians. Later DD metro become peoples favourite because of 9gold entertainment and dubbed late night hollywood movies.

DD’s childrens favourite program:
If you ask any 90’s kid (though they are not kid now these days) they will reply that it was a golden age for them. Like this time there was no visual effects no modern software and technology but the creativity was heart touching. In that time first Indian superhero appeared and it is none other than Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan was broadcasted once a week. In those days it was hard to find a school boy who missed a single episode of shaktimaan. Later another super hero borned i.e. Aaryamaan. One thing I must say that kids life incomplete without cartoons. From duck tales to heman, these catoons taught us how to play, how to enjoy our childhood days with our friends.
Duck tales
Short film:
Doordarshan also broadcasted some of award winning short film from CFSI. Few of them which still exist in my memory are given below. If you know please mention them in comment section.

Karamati coat:
This is a award winning film which was shown on DD. The film was so popular that I remember it was shown atleast three times. The topic of the fim was an orphan boy who one day sleeping front of a shop and a woman gave a magical coat to the boy. Whenever the boy enters his hand to pocket of coat a one rupee coin come out. Later many greedy people wanted that coat and at the end of the film the boy threw the coat into ocean and another boy got that coat. You can search on youtube about Karamati coat and you may see your favourite show once again.

Another award winning CFSI film broadcasted on DD. The fim based on five people one the strict school master, naani, maa, pappa and a boy. One Sunday the boy’s father returrning  from office tour and boy and mother will go to the station to receive father. In road their jeep car stopped and a magician named ustaad put a neela titli in jeep and jeep started to run. They went to the station and could not find his father. They later knew that his father sleeping in train. They follow the train and the boy’s mother left in train but boy met with his father. Now they started to follow train for her mother. Like this way the story continiues and they returned to home in some magical way. The movie is available free in youtube.

Vikram aur Betaal
Hip Hip Hurray
Malgudi days
The jungle book(mowgli)
Galli Galli sim sim
Suno Kahani
 DD’s family favourite program:
dekh bhai dekh
Hum Panch
Shriman Shrimati
Zaban Samhalke
Flop Show
Raja aur Rancho
Byomkesh Bakshi
Weekend Movies
Alif Laila
Bharat Ek Khoj
Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi
Dekh bhai dekh
Shri krishna

DD’s and DD metros mens favourite program:

Till year 2000 DD1 was the main channel in India. Now DD 1 is known as DD national and it’s tagline is “Desh kaapna channel”. In the year 2000 prasar bharti launched a new channel and it’s name was DD metro. Some people metioned it as DD 2. Before DD2 our DD1 broadcasted only classic Indian shows but after DD metro’s launch a new entertaining era was launched. Truthly speaking that most of the show was full family entertainment type show. DD metro also broadcasted late night Hollywood movies and most men say that wasfavourite time for them. Some DD metro late night Hollywood movies list are given below. Hope this refesh your golden memory once again.

Sea Hawks
Raja aur Rancho
Friday late night movies
1 The Lair of the White Worm 1988
2 Captain Sindbad 1963
If you know more DD metro late night holly movies; please share those names in coomment section.

DD’s women favourite program:

Today’s women entertainment s are nothing but a quarrel between saas and bahu. It is quiet sorry to say but it is true that this journey begins from holding DD’s hand. Some of them which they really like those days are mentioned below. Please forgive me if I wrote something real truth in this section.

Kabhi sautan Kabhi Saheli
Hare Kkaanch Ki Choodiyan
Hum Hain Kal Aaj Kal Aur Kal
Piyaa Binaa
chonch ladi re chonch
samne wali khidki
eena meena deeka
janemaan janemaan

Please comment below if I missed something.
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