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Sunday, May 15, 2016

How to change SITI cable operator without changing set top box

Since January 2016 it is mandatory to have a Set-Top box in order to see digital cable. People are now able see clear images due to this but some people are complaining about high price of set top box.  Another common question people ask that why a set top box can not be used in other cable network. When we take mobile connection we buy only sim and we customer have the right to chose our own device but in digital cable service it is not possible. Just because of this people are suffering. I read some news regarding this that government i.e. TRAI is trying to solve this problem. I have no idea whether it was an official announcement or just a daily news. Here in this post I am going to discuss about how to change SITI cable network’s cable operator without changing your SET-TOP box.

Siti cable operator change guide

1. Ask your previous SITI cable operator to give you a NOC.

2. Submit that NOC to new SITI cable operator and fill up a new connection form and submit ID proof with it.

3. Wait for few days to verify your NOC by the SITI network back office.

4. After successful verification your new connection will be approved.

Hope this discussion helped you and saved your hard earned money by not buying another set top box. Feel free to share our post as your little sharing will display caring for us.

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