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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Basic electrical and electronics engineering sample important Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) IT

Basically there exist two types of students one who want to become master in subject and other who just want to pass in the subject. Now in most technical exams you will find short mcqs which help both types of students mentioned earlier. Here I have handpicked some important mcqs for any technical college students. WBUT (MAKAUT) students will be benefited from these MCQ question and answers. This will definitely help IT ECE CS.

Q1. Does the capacitance of a capacitor is influenced by plate thickness?
Ans: No

Q2. How to reverse the rotation of DC shunt motor?
Ans: By changing the supply terminal

Q3. What is the function of commutator in DC machine?
Ans: Full wave rectifier

Q4. What is the importance of starter in starting DC motor?
Ans: To control current

Q5. Why DC motor is used in series
Ans: For Traction

Q6. How many parallel paths are there in 8 pole DC generator?
Ans: 8

Q7. Fleming’s left hand rule determines
Ans: The direction of rotation in DC motor

Q8. Why the core of a DC machine is laminated?
Ans: To reduce Eddy current loss

Q9. What will happen if a DC series motor started at no load?
Ans: Motor speed will be very high

Q10. How to reduce the hysteresis loss in a transformer?
Ans: By laminating the core

Q11. How to attain maximum efficiency in a transformer?
Ans: Iron loss = Copper loss

Q12. Wound rotator is found in-----
Ans: Three phase slip-ring induction motor

Q13. The speed in which stator magnetic field rotates is called
Ans: Synchronous speed

Q14. In a three phase system, the emfs are apart
Ans: 360 degree

Q15. What is the angle between Line voltage and Phase voltage in three phase balanced system?
Ans: 120 degree

Q16. Give an example of 4 wire system?
Ans: Star with neutral connection system

Q17. Name an active device that has very high input impedance and low out put impedance.

Q18. JFET is a current controlled device, true or false?
Ans: False

Q19. MOSFET device has the highest input impedance, true or false?
Ans: True

Q20. Degenerative feedback is used in an----
Ans: Amplifier

Q21. Integrated circuit acts as a ------
Ans: LPF

Q22. What is the importance of feedback in an amplifier?
Ans: To stabilize gain

Q23. Positive feedback used in------
Ans: Oscillators

Q24. What is the value of CMRR in an ideal OPAMP?
Ans: Infinite

[N.B: These question and answers are posted by guest writer and we can’t guarantee the accuracy of correctness of such questions and answers]

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