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Monday, March 21, 2016

Engineering thermodynamics and fluid mechanics sample important Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs)

We all know that for a good score in exam we must have a good concept of the subject topics. Now a days short questions are common to any type of exam from school exam to competitive exam everywhere is full of MCQs.WBUT sample. st law of thermodynamics, 2nd law of thermodynamics, air standard cycles for IC engines, Rankine cycle of steam, properties and classification of fluids, fluid statics and measurement of fluid pressure, fluid kinematics, dynamics of ideal fluids. Hope this tutorial will be useful to you people.
Here in this post I have picked up some important some important MCQs from engineering thermodynamics and fluid mechanics which will cover topics such as basic concept of thermodynamics, heat and work, ideal equation of state, process, real gas, property of pure substances, 1

1. Give an example of intensive thermodynamics property
Ans: Temperature

2. Extensive property of a system depends on mass of the system. True or false?
Ans: True

3. What is the latent heat of vaporization at critical point?
Ans: Zero

4. Triple point of a pure substance is a point at which
Ans: Solid, Liquid, Vapor coexists

5. Volume change is negligible during which process?
Ans: Throttling process

6. Enthalpy remains constant during which process?
Ans: Throttling process

7. Which law of thermodynamics defines the relationship among heat, work and properties of the system?
Ans: First law

8. Which law deals with conversion of work into heat?
Ans: Kelvin-Plank’s law

9. When the heat is absorbed by the gas is ------- entropy.
Ans: Positive

10. What is the efficient way to increase the efficiency of Carnot engine?
Ans: By decreasing the lower temperature

11. In which cycle the entropy of the system first increases and then decreases?
Ans: Reversible cycle

12. From which law of thermodynamics idea of temperature scale is obtained?
Ans: Second law of thermodynamics

13. What is otto cycle?
Ans: A cycle with constant volume heat addition and constant volume heat rejection

14. Give an example of Rankine cycle?
Ans: Thermal power plant

15. What is the equation of Kinematics viscosity?
Ans: Dynamic viscosity/ density

16. What is the reason behind Mercury’s spherical shape droplet?
Ans: High surface tension

17. Unit of Kinematic viscosity is----
Ans: Stoke

18. Why oil spread on the surface of water and not the opposite?
Ans: Surface tension of oil is less than water

19. What is the equation of atmospheric pressure?
Ans: Absolute pressure- Gauge pressure= Atmospheric pressure

20. Why mercury is preferred in barometer than water?
Ans: Mercury has higher density and low vapor pressure

21. In which case stream lines, pipelines, streak lines are identical?
Ans: In steady flow

22. Velocity of fluid is measured by
Ans: Pitot tube

23. At stagnation point the velocity of fluid is
Ans: Zero

24. Which theorem deals with the laws of conservation of energy?
Ans: Bernoulli’s theorem

[N.B: These question and answers are posted by guest writer and we can’t guarantee the accuracy and correctness of such questions and answers]

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