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Thursday, March 31, 2016

10 best courier service companies in India

It is hard to find an educated person who is not familiar with Courier service. Nowadays people are stooping towards e-commerce shopping sites. In online shopping you order some products and the product is delivered to you by some courier service. Some e-commerce sites have their own courier service and some rely on popular courier service companies. Sometimes for our personal use we need to use courier services also. Now the importance of courier service is rising rapidly in our day to day life. Here in this post I have handpicked 10 best courier service companies/organization which you can try without any doubt.

No 1. India post

Most popular in India. People mostly rely India Post in India as it is owned by Government of India. It has the largest number of booking counters in India. Each post office will give you courier booking service. Tracking of parcel, speed post, registered post making it more useful to people.

Official website link:

No 2. DTDC

Another popular courier service brand in India. Its head office is situated in Mumbai. It is a international company with large distributed network which gives service both domestic and internationally. It now carries more than 5800 channel partners and recruited more than 5500 employees.

Official website link:

No 3. Blue dart

It is also an International courier company. Most big brand like Google , Microsoft use their services to provide check to their publisher. Blue dart’s head quarter is situated in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

Official website link:

No 4. DHL India

It is an international courier service company. Head quarter situated in Mumbai. It has very large network. At present it is delivering services to more than 200 countries.

Official website link:

No 5. First Flight

It is a brand that born in India but got popular internationally. Its head office is located in Mumbai, Maharastra. You may find its presence in every corner of the world.

Official website link:

No 6. FedEx India

It considered one of top courier service providers globally. Founded in 1973 and now its branches stretched to more than 200 countries.

Official website link:

No 7. Overnite Courier

The brands started its journey in 1987. It is present in 2800 location in India and 1000 location rest of the countries. It is a brand that born locally and got its popularity world wide. At first it stated its journey in metropolitan cities but now it is a global brand.

Official website link:

No 8. TNT Express

Another popular international courier brand. Operating more than 61 countries worldwide. Over 58000 employees at global range. The main moto of the company is “WE DELIVER OUR CUSTOMERS' PROMISES EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY, EVERY TIME”.

Official website link:

No 9. Parcelled Courier

New in courier service but came up with new ideas. It has no outlet for courier booking. They will come to your home. They will pick up your item to be delivered and send it to the destination. Affordable delivery price ad new concept making it popular nowadays.

Official website link:

No 10. Gati Limited

 Gati Limited started its journey in 1989. It is one of the best courier service providers in India. Gati has more than 3000 business partners across India.

Official website link:

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