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Thursday, March 31, 2016

10 best courier service companies in India

It is hard to find an educated person who is not familiar with Courier service. Nowadays people are stooping towards e-commerce shopping sites. In online shopping you order some products and the product is delivered to you by some courier service. Some e-commerce sites have their own courier service and some rely on popular courier service companies. Sometimes for our personal use we need to use courier services also. Now the importance of courier service is rising rapidly in our day to day life. Here in this post I have handpicked 10 best courier service companies/organization which you can try without any doubt.

No 1. India post

Most popular in India. People mostly rely India Post in India as it is owned by Government of India. It has the largest number of booking counters in India. Each post office will give you courier booking service. Tracking of parcel, speed post, registered post making it more useful to people.

Official website link:

No 2. DTDC

Another popular courier service brand in India. Its head office is situated in Mumbai. It is a international company with large distributed network which gives service both domestic and internationally. It now carries more than 5800 channel partners and recruited more than 5500 employees.

Official website link:

No 3. Blue dart

It is also an International courier company. Most big brand like Google , Microsoft use their services to provide check to their publisher. Blue dart’s head quarter is situated in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

Official website link:

No 4. DHL India

It is an international courier service company. Head quarter situated in Mumbai. It has very large network. At present it is delivering services to more than 200 countries.

Official website link:

No 5. First Flight

It is a brand that born in India but got popular internationally. Its head office is located in Mumbai, Maharastra. You may find its presence in every corner of the world.

Official website link:

No 6. FedEx India

It considered one of top courier service providers globally. Founded in 1973 and now its branches stretched to more than 200 countries.

Official website link:

No 7. Overnite Courier

The brands started its journey in 1987. It is present in 2800 location in India and 1000 location rest of the countries. It is a brand that born locally and got its popularity world wide. At first it stated its journey in metropolitan cities but now it is a global brand.

Official website link:

No 8. TNT Express

Another popular international courier brand. Operating more than 61 countries worldwide. Over 58000 employees at global range. The main moto of the company is “WE DELIVER OUR CUSTOMERS' PROMISES EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY, EVERY TIME”.

Official website link:

No 9. Parcelled Courier

New in courier service but came up with new ideas. It has no outlet for courier booking. They will come to your home. They will pick up your item to be delivered and send it to the destination. Affordable delivery price ad new concept making it popular nowadays.

Official website link:

No 10. Gati Limited

 Gati Limited started its journey in 1989. It is one of the best courier service providers in India. Gati has more than 3000 business partners across India.

Official website link:

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How to grow bush black pepper in your home garden balcony tutorial

We all know the importance of medicinal plants. The importance of black pepper in Ayurveda medicine can not be ignored. The scientific name of Black pepper is Piper nigrum. In every kitchen it is used as culinary spices. It is also known as peppercorn. In Bengali black pepper is known as “Gol Morich”. The black pepper tree is similar to betel leaf plant. Black pepper plants mostly grow up to 12 feet. Humid and moderate warm temperature is ideal for cultivating bush black pepper.

Seed pantation time

The ideal time for seeding bush black pepper is in the month of March to April. It takes approximately 30 to 45 days to germinate the seed. The plant is full grown when it is one year old.

Where to buy bush black pepper seed in India?

We all know that black pepper seed is found in every grocery shop but this seed can not be used for plantation. Do you know why? Let me tell you that, the production companies heat treat the seeds so that they can not germinate when they are stored in storage. People also say that heat treatment is done so that not everyone get the opportunity to grow in their garden. I have searched many seed selling shop but I returned in empty hands. So I searched online. is best option from my opinion. Here you find both live bush black pepper plants and pepper seeds.

Soil preparation

A soil is considered good when it contains soil, sand and compost. This is also applicable for bush black pepper. Every six month time period you need to add good amount of compost in order to get a good and health bush black pepper tree.

Seed germination

There are two easy ways to germinate black pepper seeds.

1. Pouch method:

Hope you have bought bush pepper seed. For this process first you need one CD pouch, One pepper towel, one marker pen and little water. First take 5 to 10 seed in paper towel and wrap the towel properly. Soak the towel in water properly. Now put the soaked towel with seed inside it inside the CD pouch and sealed it. Now mark seeding date on CD pouch with a marker. It will take upto 30 days to germinate. When seed germinate, transfer them in tree tub to harvest them in your balcony.

2. Germinating in soil:

In this process first you have to soak the seeds in water for 24 hours then dig little holes in soil (not more than 1.5 inch) and put the seeds gently. Cover the seeds with soil and water the seeding area. The seed germination time may take 30 to 45 days in this process. Use organic fertilizer for good growth of your plant.

Care and pest control

Black pepper tree has high immune power to paste and disease. Sometimes root rotten disease is also found in bush black pepper but this is very rare case. If this happens with you may contact to

Black pepper seed harvesting

Now let’s come to the main point i.e. harvesting. The bush black pepper starts flowing after one year of plantation. It differs from place to place and climate condition. Like others plants it starts flowering in spring time. Flower to fruit transformation time is approximately 2 to 3 months. Many people prefer to harvest green pepper as in this stage it contains more flavor but I have talked to a farmer and he replied that when the pepper seed turn some reddish then it is the proper time to harvest. Dry the seeds for approx 7 days and you notice that seeds are turning into black.

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Friday, March 25, 2016

TPLink 720n router configuration for wishnet Siti Alliance cable broadband

Digital world digital India and Digital people. Yes all are nowadays living in digital world. I asked a young lad do you have a social networking account. He replied with obvious yes answer. I also asked him how connect to the digital network. He replied that I have internet connection at home and also use mobile internet when away from home. He also said that I am interested to use router in my home. He uses cable broadband connection but don’t know how to set up. So I tried my best to help him. So I created a tutorial for him and also for you. TPLink 720n router configuration for Siti,Alliance,Wishnet cable broadband.  
Before starting configuration of your router first ready the following information. If you do not have following information right now then contact your cable broadband service provider and ask them information.

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
Primary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server:

Step 1: Go to run (Shortcut-> Ctrl+R) and type ncpa.cpl. Right click on Local area connection and choose properties option. Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4). Now select obtain IP address automatically.

Step 2: Insert the driver/easy installation CD (given with your router) in your CD/DVD writer. Go to my computer and double click on the TP link installation CD as shown in image.

Step 3: A set up wizard page will open and choose your router “Easy setup Assistant” option.

Step 4: Select your preferred language and click on start button to go to next step.

Step 5: A Rj45 cable has been given with your router. Connect one end of the cable with your router (Yellow female port) and other end with your PC/Lap top RJ 45 port.

Step 6: Now connect you cable broadband Rj45 to your router WAN port (Blue color).

Step 7: Connect the power adapter with your router and power it on.

Step 8: Now check the LED lights on your router. If all are working properly as given in following image then you are ready to go in next step.

Step 9: In this step router will check the connection. Once it is finished go to the next step.

Step 10: In this step you have to choose your connection type. Most of the cable broadband provides a static IP. So select static IP from connection type and click on “Next” button.

Step 11: Fill all the boxes with your IP information which you have received from your cable broadband service provider.

Step 12: Next step is creating your WiFi network. Give a name to your WiFi network.

Step 13: In this step you have to secure your network to stop unauthorized access. Give a strong and memorable password.

Step 14: You are almost to the end of set up. In this step confirm your setting and save it and then finish the set up.

Step 15: Now open a browser and go to your network login page.(If you have done the previous steps successfully then you get your network login page). Enter your login details and surf the internet.

You are now ready to use your cable broadband connection both your PC/Laptop and wifi enabled smart phone/Tablet.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

ASSAM Assembly election 2016 EC app Samadhan Subidha BMF download link

The Election Commission of India has taken a great step towards conducting election free and fairly. Each and every year the political violence is rising rapidly and the common people are at the top to suffer the most. Assam has faced problems for many years and still battling with. I don’t want to mention the reason as  you people know about it. Based on such situation the Chief Election Commission of India has decided to create an app for people and political parties which will help both voters as well as commission to conduct election in free and fairly manner. Link to download Samadhan Subidha and BMF is given below.

Assam Chief Electoral officer: Shri Vijayendra
Addres: C Block, 4th Floor, New Secretariat Building, Dispur, Assam, India.
Phone: +91 0361 2262703
Phase 1 Election date: 04/04/2016

Date of counting: 19/05/2016

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Engineering thermodynamics and fluid mechanics sample important Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs)

We all know that for a good score in exam we must have a good concept of the subject topics. Now a days short questions are common to any type of exam from school exam to competitive exam everywhere is full of MCQs.WBUT sample. st law of thermodynamics, 2nd law of thermodynamics, air standard cycles for IC engines, Rankine cycle of steam, properties and classification of fluids, fluid statics and measurement of fluid pressure, fluid kinematics, dynamics of ideal fluids. Hope this tutorial will be useful to you people.
Here in this post I have picked up some important some important MCQs from engineering thermodynamics and fluid mechanics which will cover topics such as basic concept of thermodynamics, heat and work, ideal equation of state, process, real gas, property of pure substances, 1

1. Give an example of intensive thermodynamics property
Ans: Temperature

2. Extensive property of a system depends on mass of the system. True or false?
Ans: True

3. What is the latent heat of vaporization at critical point?
Ans: Zero

4. Triple point of a pure substance is a point at which
Ans: Solid, Liquid, Vapor coexists

5. Volume change is negligible during which process?
Ans: Throttling process

6. Enthalpy remains constant during which process?
Ans: Throttling process

7. Which law of thermodynamics defines the relationship among heat, work and properties of the system?
Ans: First law

8. Which law deals with conversion of work into heat?
Ans: Kelvin-Plank’s law

9. When the heat is absorbed by the gas is ------- entropy.
Ans: Positive

10. What is the efficient way to increase the efficiency of Carnot engine?
Ans: By decreasing the lower temperature

11. In which cycle the entropy of the system first increases and then decreases?
Ans: Reversible cycle

12. From which law of thermodynamics idea of temperature scale is obtained?
Ans: Second law of thermodynamics

13. What is otto cycle?
Ans: A cycle with constant volume heat addition and constant volume heat rejection

14. Give an example of Rankine cycle?
Ans: Thermal power plant

15. What is the equation of Kinematics viscosity?
Ans: Dynamic viscosity/ density

16. What is the reason behind Mercury’s spherical shape droplet?
Ans: High surface tension

17. Unit of Kinematic viscosity is----
Ans: Stoke

18. Why oil spread on the surface of water and not the opposite?
Ans: Surface tension of oil is less than water

19. What is the equation of atmospheric pressure?
Ans: Absolute pressure- Gauge pressure= Atmospheric pressure

20. Why mercury is preferred in barometer than water?
Ans: Mercury has higher density and low vapor pressure

21. In which case stream lines, pipelines, streak lines are identical?
Ans: In steady flow

22. Velocity of fluid is measured by
Ans: Pitot tube

23. At stagnation point the velocity of fluid is
Ans: Zero

24. Which theorem deals with the laws of conservation of energy?
Ans: Bernoulli’s theorem

[N.B: These question and answers are posted by guest writer and we can’t guarantee the accuracy and correctness of such questions and answers]

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

How to add free chrome firefox web push notification in blogger

Hello friends, today I going to give a tutorial which will help you to make you site or blog more useful to your website or blog visitors. It is about installing or adding chrome browser web push notification for your blog or website. You may have noticed some popular websites like Facebook, Shoutmeloud use such features. If you are a smart phone user and use apps that you must have received notification like that. This is very useful for blog owners and site admin. Web push notification offers real time notification of post, you can send custom push notification. Web push notification works both for desktop and smart phone. When you visit a website after few seconds a message box with short description of post appears at the top(right/left) of bottom(left/right) corner. Here in this tutorial I will show you a tutorial which will help you to create your own push notification for your blog or site with in 5 minutes.

How to add free push notification for chrome browser

Step 1: Visit the link

Step 2: Click on “signup for free” button

Step 3: On signup page complete the form with proper details and click on “Create Account”.

Step 4: After successful creation of your account you will be redirected to your code which you have to add before closing head tag of your html i.e. before “</head>”

If you are using blogger platform then follow these steps:

1. go to blogger template

2.  Click on “Edit HTML”

3.  Now press Ctrl + F from your key board and search </head> tag.

4.  Now pasted the copied script code just above the closing “</head>” tag and save your template.

[N.B: Backup your code before performing edit on your html code]

Step 5: Customize your notification. In free version you can only customize for desktop and mobile push notification customization is available for only premium members. Here in Desktop customization you can change logo of the notification. Change title of the App, Change button name, Change notification box color, Change push notification appear position.

Step 6: If you think that you have done all the above steps successfully then open your browser (chrome/Firefox) and see the result.

Hope this tutorial helped you to successfully add web push notification for your blogger blog. This tutorial can also be used for wordpress. In that case you have to insert code in template header.php file.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

WB Assembly election 2016 EC app samadhan Subidha Sugam download link

West has witnesses many bad elections and many problems arise during election. The most suffering is faced by voters. Their condition is very pathetic during election. The voters are threatened by parties to vote for in their favor. Rigging is a usual incident in election in West Bengal. The voters don’t get the opportunity to complaint about the bad incident which happens with them. In a country where people are the King and right to vote is the valuable right to form a Government. So the Election Commission of India has decided to create an app for voter to political parties so that they can complaint about the bad incident which happens with them. We are now living in high tech world where within 1 minutes we can contact people throughout the world but when we try to complaint about any incident it takes hours and hours. People of India are very thankful to EC for making such a wonderful app to keep voter’s right alive.

Features of the App: Samadhan

You can lodge complain about bad incident during poll.
Upload image and videos corresponding to incident.
You receive complain confirmation and can track your complaint status.

The EC has announced that the App is becoming very popular among the common voters and within few days of launching they have received more than 1300 complaints. EC has also said that they are taking all complaints very seriously and every good action will be taken to keep voters right alive.
EC has also announced to arrange clean and fair election in West Bengal and for that EC has decided to keep track of Election observer. For that two apps are also launched with the Samadhan App. Sugam for tracking cars of Election duty and Subidha will help Political Parties for campaign related application.

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Friday, March 4, 2016

How to start hydroponic farming on roof top in Indian climate

Good morning friends. You have seen in my previous post that I wrote about vertical farming. This time I will talk about hydroponic farming and this farming technique is very similar to vertical farming. Throughout the world scientifically different vegetables are grown and like other things this has a reson fro it, yes a reason behind every outcome. If you observe carefully you will notice that each and every year population is rising and farming land is becoming shorter. Rising population demands more food with less farming land so the solution is to grow vegetables on roof top, balcony etc. scientist and farmers are working with collaboration to increase the types of vegetable grown with hydroponic farming. 
Hydroponic farming 
Vegetables which have higher market value are now grown like capsicum, cucumber, tomatos, cabbage, spinach etc. I have seen many farmers who are talking about the hydroponic farming but they are not so much confident to start this as they have not seen it in their own eyes. The term hydroponic suggests that Hydro means water and ponic culture(labor). When a tree is planted in soil and the tree finds nutrients from the soil i.e. soil acting as a medium of nutrients source as well as holding the tree. In case of hydroponic farming only water nutrients solution is used. Here tree takes nutrients directly from the nutrients solution. You can just create a green house and start hydroponic farming and this process is very cost effective.

Requirements for starting Hydroponic farming

Growing crops on soil is a very tough task as it has to face the outside climate. Need some heavy equipment for preparing the land like tractors, tools for cutting crops etc. Hydroponic does not require such heavy machinery just need some flat water reservoir, lid on top of the flat container, green house and last but the most important is micronutrients for the plant.

Plants suitable for growing with Hydroponic farming

Scientist are trying their best to cultivate every crop by applying hydroponic technique but it has been observed by the scientist and farmers that plants which have fibrous root are suitable for hydroponic farming. Here I have enlisted some plants which have been tested by farmers and scientist that can be cultivated applying hydroponic farming technique.
  1. Lettuce
  2. Strawberry
  3. Tomato
  4. Tomato
  5. Broccoli
  6. Cucumbers
  7. Brinjal/Eggplant
  8. Bell pepper/Capsicum
  9. Okra/Ladies finger
  10. Bitter gourd
  11. Paddy Plant
  12. Green Beans
  13. Spinach
  14. Carrots
  15. Peas
  16. Cauliflowers
  17. Watermelons
  18. Blue berries
  19. Grapes

Advantage and Disadvantage of Hydroponic farming

Every system in this world has advantage as well as disadvantage. Some have more advantage than disadvantage that the disadvantage can be ignored.

Hydroponic farming advantages are
  1. There is no such soil requirement
  2. As it is harvested in controlled environment so the prone to attack by disease is very less
  3. Higher growth rate of plants and produces more crops
  4. Less water requirements as it is cultivated inside green house
  5. Higher healthy crop production = higher profit
  6. Less land requirements as sky is your limit
Few Hydroponic farming disadvantages are
  1. Higher maintenance need as it is completely dependent on outsourced water supply.
  2. Need some knowledge to make nutrients solution for plants.
  3. Need some knowledge to make nutrients solution for plants.

[Important points must be noted:]

Do not submerge the whole root in nutrients water else the root will rotten.

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