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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Kolkata famous colour fish market mirza Galiff street near Tala Bridge

Friends today’s topic is quiet different than other post. I recently visited Colour aquarium fish market near Tala Bridge. I have heard about this market a long time ago when I was a kid but somehow I was unable to visit earlier. Previous Sunday I had no work to do so I will visit a place in Kolkata which is very famous for something but did not know where to go. So I asked my friend to help regarding this and they told me to visit Galiff street fish market. I was really thriller by such wonderful suggestion from my friend and I planned to go there.

So I started my journey towards to fish market at 11 am. I was little late as the market starts its trading at 9 am. I could not explain that how much joy I got when I was there. My dream got fulfilled on that day. One thing I also want to mention that I did know on which day the market stays open. Luckily it was Sunday. Yes you heard the right the market is open only for Sunday. From my observation approx hundreds of sellers were there to sell color aquarium fish and the market was crowded with men woman and children. People from different district came here in the market. I asked a man that for how long the market is there and I got answer of more than 10+ years. If you are looking for an aquarium and accessories for your aquarium then this market is definitely a destination for you. Many people are selling oxygen pump trees and small decorated houses for fish and those are very affordable price. One thing I just want to mention at the end of this post that look after this fish likewise you look after your family members as you have taken the responsibility to look after them and keep them in large aquarium rather than small one.

Market Open day: Sunday

Timing:  Early morning – 3 PM

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  1. Hi friend, If you are now at same place. Please provide me any aqua fish seller phone number. Or give him . If you have can you provide any of your friend phone number who lives at that area.


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