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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Top 5 Google cardboard free app games list 2016

It will be hard to find someone who does not like to watch a 3D movie but for that either you have to visit nearest 3D movie theater or have to buy 3D TV set or have to use some side by side video converter software with some Red Cyan/Green magenta wearing glass.  Google has brought an amazing 3D experience tool name is Google cardboard. It will give you the 3D experience that you never experienced before. To experience these apps and games you must have a 5.5 inch smart phone with Google Cardboard. Here in this post only popular apps have been mentioned. Each and every day new apps are listed so don’t forget to try them. You can also share your app experience in comment section and also don’t forget to mention new game list.

Top 5 Google cardboard free app games list 2016

Google Cardboard

The app has been developed by Google itself. After a little viewing setup you can use it to vied 360 degree panorama view. Use card board library to get more enjoyable clips. Use google earth to fly anywhere in the earth. Look at the sky and you will moon.

A Time in Space VR Cardboard

This is also a virtual reality game. If you are an adventure lover then you definitely enjoy the game. The game is actually a SBS (side by side) exploring game. You will enter into a space station then from there you will explore the space.

Returning Home VR Google Cardboard

If you love space then it is for you. You can see earth and moon from space. The best thing about this VR app that no controller is needed. Just install the app on your Smartphone and put it on your VR headset and enjoy it.

Cmoar roller coaster VR Google Cardboard game

A Little classic roller coaster game. A kind of VR roller coaster game in old gold mine. Play the game and enjoy the ride.

Roller Coaster VR Google Cardboard

High modern graphics roller coaster game. I am sure you will definitely feel some something  when you take ride with this roller coaster.

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