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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

UTV interact survey panel payment proof 2015 2016 review

As the business is growing so as market research companies. The main reason of market research growing is to get the market demand i.e. what customer thinks and what they need. In my last post I showed a payment proof of Starpanel India. UTV a TV network also has a online market research panel. They are also a part of Cint market research. UTV interact survey panel is quite similar to starpanel. To be a part of UTV interact survey panel you must an Indian. They offer various survey range from rs 21 to 150. They offer very easy to answer survey. Survey completion time take around 20 minutes. As I already told you that if you are becoming a member of a survey panel then try to give honest answer during every survey if you do not perform such you may lose such account. In order to receive greater number of survey you must complete your survey profile. They send survey based on profile completeness. I recently noticed that some people are using my payment proof post and reusing the image. I request to them please don’t do this. See the payment proof of UTV interact survey panel and hope you get a good review of that survey panel.

UTV Interact survey panel payment

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