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Friday, February 13, 2015

How to use plodder machine to make detergent and soap cakes

It will be hard to find a people who do not love to wear colourful garments but when it get dirts then we felt difficulties to remove that dirts. Considering the above fact it is easy to understand that the demand of detergent is high. Selling detergent powder and soap cakes can bring profit to your business. Using suitable machine and applying your secret detergent formula you can make detergent powder and detergent cake and you can sell it by packaging it. The name of that machine is plodder machine.

How to work with Plodder machine?

For making detergent powder first you need to add all your secret chemical ingredients in the machine and mix them for approximately 10 minutes. 10 minutes is enough to mix them properly.
     Next you need to dry out the mixture and it will be used as detergent powder. Now you can packet it.

If you want to make soap cake then you need to put those detergent powders into plodder machine. After a certain time soap cake will out from the cutting machine. Now all you need to wrap the soap cake with candle wax coated wrapper. Machine required for mixing and soap cake making required very low power consumption.

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