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Friday, December 18, 2015

Kya aapke ghar mein Chintu hai? How much Like/Dislike for this dialogue

"Kya aapke ghar mein Chintu hai?" How much Like/Dislike for this dialogue. A new movie dilwale is now on movie theater. A very funny dialogue is spoken by Mr Johny lever. Folks how much you enjoyed the movie write in comment section.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

UTV interact survey panel payment proof 2015 2016 review

As the business is growing so as market research companies. The main reason of market research growing is to get the market demand i.e. what customer thinks and what they need. In my last post I showed a payment proof of Starpanel India. UTV a TV network also has a online market research panel. They are also a part of Cint market research. UTV interact survey panel is quite similar to starpanel. To be a part of UTV interact survey panel you must an Indian. They offer various survey range from rs 21 to 150. They offer very easy to answer survey. Survey completion time take around 20 minutes. As I already told you that if you are becoming a member of a survey panel then try to give honest answer during every survey if you do not perform such you may lose such account. In order to receive greater number of survey you must complete your survey profile. They send survey based on profile completeness. I recently noticed that some people are using my payment proof post and reusing the image. I request to them please don’t do this. See the payment proof of UTV interact survey panel and hope you get a good review of that survey panel.

UTV Interact survey panel payment

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

best low price cow dung cakes online in India

Hi friends. Today I am astonished by a ad shown on Google search. I was reading a topic related to cow. When I was searching COW on Google then cow dung cakes word appeared.After clicking on “cow dung cake” the search result which showed completely blows my mind. I noticed some e-commerce giants are selling cow dung cakes online.Still can’t believe me then do a search on Google and type “cow dung cake” and you will get that result. You can buy with credit card/debit card as well as COD(cash on delivery) is also available. E-commerce giants like ebay, amazon, shopclues, askmebazar selling cow dung cakes very successfully.  Some companies are giving free home delivery.

Why Cow dung cakes are sold online?

This is certainly a question that rises in every mind. The answer is very simple i.e. for worship. According to some Ecommerce sales experts these are mainly sold in foreign like America(US) where such things are not easily available. In Hindu family cow dung is very important as required in every hindu rituals. Some people also look for pure cow dung so they go online. The demand of cow dung cake rises when festive season appears like Diwali and Navaratri. So the ecommerce companies do not loose such great opportunity to sell cow dung cakes online.

E-commerce giants sells cow dung cakes online

This cow dung cake selling news is going viral to everyone. Most  people are surprise seeing that they now selling cow dung cakes. But small and rising ecommerce companies are not leaving behind. To compete with ecommerce giants they are giving huge discounts and giving free shipping.

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Indian insurance companies slogan tagline list

Each and everyday new companies are rising some are staying in the race and some are left behind. Do you know why this happens? You will find yourself behind everyone if you do not a good business tagline. Mainly customers do not have such long time to judge brand by their adverts so they rely on small tagline which tells them why the brand is different from others and why they go for it. Here are some slogan or tagline from different insurance company limited. Hope this information will be useful. 

Companies Name
New India Assurance Company  Limited
India’s premier general Insurance company
SBI Life Insurance
With us you’re sure
Zindagi ke saath bhi zindagi ke baad bhi
Max Life Insurance co. ltd.
Aapke Sachhe Advisor
United India Insurance co. ltd.
Rest Assured with Us
Kotak Mahindra
Faidey ka Insurance
Max Newyork Life Insurance co. ltd.
Karo Zyada ka Irada
Apollo Munich Health Insurance
We Know Healthcare
Aviva Life Insurance
Kal Par Control
TATA AIG Life Insurance co. ltd.
You Click, we cover
HDFC Standard Life Insurance co. ltd.
Sar Uthake Jiyo
Bajaj Allianz
Jiyo Befiqar
Birla Sun Life Insurance co. ltd.
Muskurate Raho
MAX bupa
Your Health First
Zimmedari ka humsafar

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

SMS from unwanted unknown number sample police FIR letter

Each and everyday new problems are rising. People are now stooping towards online more. Crime is also changing its type. Day by day cyber crime is rising. Each and everyday people are suffering from this problem and it is rising rapidly. To refrain from such unwanted problems you should write a letter to Police. I have given a sample letter below. Hope this will help all the people who need it most.

The Office in Charge
UVWXYZ  Police Station
PIN- 111111

Respected Sir,
                I am here to inform you that I received a SMS from Whatsapp with a verification code in my phone. I have never tried to open Whatsapp account but I got a verification link from them. I received verification code on my mobile number: 9999 999 999 and the message contain information such as Whatsapp verification code: ABC-XYZ, Whatsapp verification link: I think someone around my locality who know my phone number, is trying to open a fake Whatsapp account with my mobile phone number and making some conspiracy to involve in some false case. I am feeling very worry about this matter.

So, I request you to lodge a F.I.R for the above mentioned reason and also requesting you to make a strong investigation about this matter.
                                                                                                          Thanking you,
                                                                                                          Tom Jackson
                                                                                                          ABC Nagar, 12/6 Lane

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